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Bitgert Coin’s Meteoric Rise: A Closer Look At The Trending Crypto of the Week

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Since the beginning of the week, Bitgert Coin has been doing amazing numbers staying ahead of other altcoins. This meteoric rise from Bitgert BRISE has drawn attention from a lot of the crypto whales. But if you’re one of those who are just hearing about Bitgert this time this week, then you seriously need to come closer.

In this article, I’ll talk about some features that might be contributing to Bitgert’s higher highs and higher lows. Get a pen and paper to put down the points because, at the end of this article, you will understand why Bitgert might be the next big project.

Blazing Fast Transactions

Bitgert launched with a spectacular approach to solving users’ challenges with transaction speed. First, let’s talk about how the Bitgert Team solved this challenge to achieve an incredible 100,000 transactions per second.

Bitgert uses a consensus mechanism known as Proof of Authority. This approach from the Bitgert team is to resolve the bottleneck that has plagued the other consensus mechanism. This challenge is due to the slow rate of scalability when there are more users on the network at the same time.

The proof of authority combines fast transaction validation time with an instant block addition to having to go through a long chain of nodes. This not only improves the transaction speed but at the same time, makes it cheaper.

Lower Gas Fee

The last point highlighted how the fast transaction speed has also made the gas fee a lot cheaper. Well, to make that point even more clear, the price is not only cheap; it is almost not there at all.

When you compare to altcoins such as Ethereum, you’ll realize that the Bitgert gas fee is almost literally zero. I’ve once paid $30 on a $170 Ethereum transaction, and trust me, I wished I never made that transaction that day because this price gets worse on some days. I can’t even recall a funny story my friend told me, that Ethereum once charged her $48 on a $20 transaction.

This issue is because most of these other project uses a consensus mechanism that ends up having a lot of uncompleted transactions ‌leading to a surge. But with Bitgert transaction speed of over 100,000 TPS, trust me, the price can only get better.

Way Forward

One last thing I’d love to briefly add is that Bitgert is currently receiving a fast adoption rate and listing across many popular exchanges. This indicates that the price can only keep climbing higher from here.

It will be a great opportunity for you to start acquiring as much Bitgert as you can get because this project is showing a lot of bigger potential in the coming future.

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