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Crypto & NASA: VR Metaverse & Utilization Of Blockchain

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The latest buzz about NASA is the national space program’s VR metaverse to prepare astronauts.

NASA and SpaceX astronauts are utilizing the metaverse to undergo training, for life on a space station known as “Gateway,” which is currently in the works. This space station is envisioned as a cutting-edge science laboratory solar-powered spacecraft and a home away from home for astronauts from around the world as detailed in a blog post by NASA.

How Metaverse Is Changing The Cosmo Game

In the past astronauts typically trained for missions using computer-based simulators. However with the advent of virtual reality headsets and advanced spatial computing technologies astronauts now have the opportunity to acquire the skills to operate and thrive in an immersive 3D environment.

The initial inhabitants of space will be the team for managing Gateway, which is being established as a crucial site for the Artemis program. The goal of this U.S.-led endeavor is to construct a manned outpost on the Moon. This will be part of humanity’s mission to send a human to Mars.

Gateway plays a role in the Artemis missions

According to NASA Gateway plays a role in the Artemis missions. Will serve as a versatile outpost orbiting the Moon. It will offer support for surface expeditions serve as a hub for scientific endeavors and acts as a launching point for further exploration, into deep space.

As per NASA, the astronauts assigned to the Gateway project will encounter the mission of becoming the crew of an orbital space station in deep space situated at a distance of around 386,243 kilometers from Earth. In contrast, astronauts aboard the International Space Station typically work at a distance of 400 kilometers, from Earth.

NASA Planning to Utilize Blockchain Technology

NASA is teaming up with Lonestar and the Isle of Man to use blockchain technology for verifying and securing data storage on the moon during the upcoming Artemis missions. 

Blockchain will be used to provide irrefutable proof of human landing on the moon during NASA’s Artemis 3 mission in 2025. Before that, Artemis 2 will launch in November 2024 with a crewed mission to orbit the moon and return to Earth.

As one of the scientific missions during the Artemis voyages, Lonestar and the Isle of Man will develop lunar storage systems that rely on solar power and require no additional infrastructure.

According to Roosen, the head of innovation at Digital Isle of Man, the island’s government-funded agency that supports its tech sector, “people often tell NASA: ‘You made up the moon missions,’ and proving that they’re actually there is surprisingly difficult.”

How Blockchain Is Useful To NASA?

Blockchain technology’s immutability is reliable for recording and verifying future lunar missions. This would provide real-time check-in mechanisms for lunar exploration and indisputable evidence of human presence on the moon’s surface, helping NASA dispel any conspiracy theories surrounding lunar landings.

This project marks a significant milestone in the evolving relationship between blockchain technology and space exploration, as blockchain-verified data storage solutions could authenticate historical space achievements and future lunar activities as NASA’s Artemis program progresses.


NASA and SpaceX astronauts are training in the metaverse for life on a space station called “Gateway”. Gateway is being built as a crucial site for the Artemis program, which aims to construct a manned outpost on the Moon as part of humanity’s mission to send a human to Mars. NASA, Lonestar, and Isle of Man will use blockchain to secure data storage on the moon during Artemis missions.


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