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Does ROSE Crypto Show Sustenance Signs After A Lot Of Degradation?

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According to the daily chart, between October 2023 and March 10th, 2024, the ROSE price witnessed a bullish market trend, significantly increasing its value from $0.04000 to $0.18000.

During the last six months, it performed well with a 150.22% gain, but in the past week and month, the price violated the uptrend from the supply level of $0.18000. As a result, the chart showed a weekly decline of -21.67% and a monthly decline of -36.80%, respectively.

However, the ROSE crypto has revealed a sign of possible recovery coming soon on the daily chart, as the price showed sustenance gestures at a crucial support level of around $0.07900.

The ROSE crypto may witness a substantial surge once again, given that its price had previously skyrocketed from the same level of support. That’s mainly due to the readiness of the bulls to overcome the resistance level, thereby propelling the asset to new heights from its current support zone.

Technical Indications in the ROSE Crypto

The ROSE asset indicates that its bullish strength is returning, and its capacity to rise is visible on the daily chart. If buyers come into the market, the price of ROSE could potentially surpass the critical 20-day and 50-day EMAs from a lower position.

Meanwhile, the Oasis Network crypto asset is displaying bullish behavior as the MACD histogram is not growing, which is at -0.00340 and confirms the sustenance activity. Similarly, the RSI is at 34.04, which highlights that it can extend its gains, as it has turned in the 14-SMA direction in the hopes of breaking it from below.

ROSE crypto has seen an increase of 4.45% in the past 24 hours and is being traded at $0.09946 at this moment of writing.

Therefore, if the demand for the Oasis Network price (ROSE) increases from the current support, it could bounce back remarkably. The next target for the price could be to reach $0.12000 and $0.14000.

If the price value of ROSE crypto cannot remain above the level of $0.07900, it may experience a further decrease.

ROSE Crypto Price, Volume, and Market Cap Analysis

These metrics define an asset’s price action on the daily chart. The volume and market cap of the cryptocurrency reflects the fluctuations in the buying and selling of Oasis Network. The rise and fall of these values show volatility in the ROSE asset price.

On closer inspection of the chart, it can be seen that the volume and token price were both low before December 2023. That indicated a lack of interest and activity in the market for the ROSE token, with volume under $50 million while the price hovered around $0.080.

However, from the last week of December 2023, the volume and price continued to rise, and a significant increase in activity was observed. It illustrated increased demand and excitement about the ROSE price, with trading volume exceeding $50 million to the max at $150 million and the price rising drastically from $0.080 to $0.181 by March 11th, 2024.

After that, the price, volume, and MCAP fell again and hit a low by the second week of April 2024. However, the dip was sustained at support and showed bullish sustenance on the chart.

The current volume is 78.2 million at press time, and the market capitalization is $618.5 million. A higher market capitalization often leads to better liquidity, allowing for easier investing and buying or selling of ROSE assets.

Analyzing market cap changes over the Santiment chart provides insights into potential ROSE price movements and overall market health over time. The market cap has displayed spikes from the start of the year, with corresponding fluctuations reflected in the daily chart, indicating increased interest in the ROSE price from buyers and sellers.

Considering the ROSE asset’s trading volume in conjunction with the market cap is crucial. A high market cap with considerably high trading volume indicates vast liquidity, making buying or selling ROSE crypto easier without affecting the price, as both sellers and buyers are seamlessly active in the asset.

ROSE Crypto Development Activity Evaluation

Moreover, the Oasis Network highlights healthy developer activity as the developer’s activity contributor’s commit count is also changing over time. The developer’s activity and commit count have exhibited sustained growth in ROSE, and consistent activity is occurring, which is a positive sign. 

This chart highlights that a certain amount of regular work is going on in ROSE crypto, and developers are working seamlessly on it. These metrics highlight positive sentiment in the ROSE crypto.


The ROSE price on the daily chart between October 2023 and March 10th, 2024, surged from $0.04000 to $0.18000, marking a 150.22% gain in the last six months. However, in the past week and month, the price declined by -21.67% and -36.80% respectively, violating the uptrend.

Signs of possible recovery are seen at the $0.07900 support level, with the potential for a substantial surge. Oasis Network’s bullish behavior is evident, with a 4.45% increase in the past 24 hours, trading at $0.09946, targeting $0.12000 and $0.14000 if demand increases. If unable to hold above $0.07900, further decrease may occur, influenced by volume and market cap fluctuations.

The ROSE token initially had a low volume and price before December 2023, showing little interest in the market. From late December, volume and price rose significantly, indicating increased demand. By March 11th, 2024, volume peaked at $150 million, with the price climbing to $0.181, but fell again by April. Currently, the volume is 78.2 million, with a market capitalization of $618.5 million, indicating better liquidity for investing in ROSE. Developer activity on the Oasis Network is consistently positive.

Technical Levels

Support Levels: $0.07900

Resistance Levels: $0.12000


In this article, the views, and opinions stated by the author, or any people named are for informational purposes only, and they don’t establish the investment, financial, or any other advice. Trading or investing in cryptocurrency assets comes with a risk of financial loss.

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