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Brandi Veil’s Conscious Capital, Impact And Purposeful Investing

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Brandi Veil’
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The event features Conscious Capital, fundraising and building relationships in the industry with the likes of Brandi Veil and other experts

Brandi Veil, the President of Being Investment and Yes3 Network, recently hosted an online event that focused on topics related to crypto, web 3.0 technology, and conscious capitalism. The event included discussions with industry experts like Alan Teitel, a two-time Emmy Award winner, Andreas Fink from Cajutel, Jonathan Foltz, an investor and crypto industry expert, and Ahmed Refaie, an Investment Architect, among many others.

Conscious Capitalism In Brief 

Conscious capitalism is a holistic approach that considers the impact of business on people and the environment, providing not just financial but also intellectual, ecological, cultural, emotional and social wealth. It focuses on respecting and involving principal stakeholders in decision-making, including customers and the community, and puts purpose at the center of business. The movement is led by business leaders who believe that capitalism can be practiced with a profit and positive social impact.

Enthusiastic Start Of The Event

The event started with Saurav B introducing everyone, starting with Brandi Veil, followed by Cajutel and TheCoinRepublic. The podcast focused on conscious capitalism, highlighting founders and funders. Veil shares knowledge about the podcast and its Alpha phase, test out social audio platforms, such as Linkedin Audio, Clubhouse and (X Spaces (Twitter) comparing the uniqueness about group dynamics in conversation and “mastermind” style journalism. She emphasized the importance of community over capitalism, stating that successful business requires common-unity.

Yes3 Founder and Funders Show Strategy, Meet Cajutel 

Yes3 Network and podcast brings together founders and funders in intimate conversations as a strategy to build trust. 

Meet Andreas Fink, co-founder and CEO of Cajutel, who has been in the internet business for 30 years. He is currently focused on providing internet to the people of Africa through Cajutel, which requires significant funding. The project has a native token known as CAJ. Brandi described Cajutel as the people’s project, a tokenized evolution for West Africa. Andreas stated that only 10% of the people in Africa have access to the internet.

Andreas enjoys challenges and wants to build something for the people that can last. 

The Cajutel project was started in 2014 to help solve issues Andreas noticed in the country. He struggled to find traditional investors and decided to utilize cryptocurrency to open up investment opportunities to a wider audience and reduce risk. He believes it was the right decision to go public with a coin.

The strategy behind Cajutel according to the CEO is to build something independent of other companies to avoid dependency. This is especially difficult in Africa because big multinationals may cut you off if you become a competitor. To be independent, you have to build your own infrastructure, which is more expensive but rewarding in the long term.

The event moved further as Brandi Veil  then called out Jason Ansell, co-founder of MasterCTRL Agency INC.

Ahmed Refaie And Brandi Veil

Brandi Veil revisited the topic of conscious capitalism and invited Ahmed Refaie, a financial engineer and expert in financial markets trading. Ahmed started engaging in web 3 and blockchain in 2018, building ecosystems for governments, accelerators, and incubators. He co-invested with family offices, VC funds, and even Sovereign wealth funds. He learned a lot from his experiences and decided to start his own social network platform called DSRPTD (, which is a fusion of a VC hedge fund accelerator.

Brandi explained that this show is not just a networking or social event, but more of a strategic event, as a business strategist and founder of Yes3 Network, Veil mentions, “it’s a network of people striving to create change for the better good of humanity” she calls thought leader solutionaries. She mentioned Ahmed and how he is an integral part of the show’s purpose. Brandi emphasized that the show is not just about socializing and talking about articles, but it’s more about a strategic plan of Yes3 Network organic growth approach.

Founders Building Relationships that Foster Community 

Alan Teitel was introduced halfway into the show, Alan is a two time Emmy Award Winner, commercial cinematographer & photographer, 3D Innovator AR and NFT Creator. Brandi noted that Alan was an early supporter of this show and brings a lot of knowledge to the table.

Startups Looking for Funds – Alan Teitel Talked About Raising Funds

Alan mentioned that raising funds as a Founder can be a challenging task. It is often difficult to find investors who share the same vision as the Founder. However, when the right match is made, it leads to a great partnership. Therefore, one needs to be patient in finding the perfect match.

Brandi mentioned that there are two types of people involved in a startup – Founders and Funders. She is actively working to educate them on the importance of empathic storytelling, creating a positive image for the company in the media, building relationships, and the changing nature of finance. In the past, people used to shake hands and do their due diligence, but now, technology and blockchain have made things more complex, with liquidity pools and rumors creating fear and uncertainty. 

Brandi asked Alan for advice on how a startup can build trust in the current climate. Should they go back to the original handshake or use media and conversations to build relationships?

Alan answered the question by saying that it’s a delicate balance that one must navigate. Moreover he added how he tends to be old-fashioned and prefers meeting the people he works with in person. He had a great time meeting you, Brandi, and feels that he got to know you much better than he could have just online. He believes that personal relationships are incredibly important, but one must also be cautious. There have been many challenges in recent years that require careful consideration. However, when you find the right people to work with, it’s a truly enjoyable experience.

Brandi and Jonathan Discussed Conscious Capitalism and Purposeful Investing 

Brandi Veil emphasized the importance of relationships in business and the significance of conscious capitalism. Rushing into relationships without understanding the infrastructure and culture of the company may lead to tricky situations in the future. Conscious capitalism is about valuing people over profits.

As the event moved further, Brandi and Jonathan discussed the main motto of the event which was conscious capitalism. As Jonathan was introduced, he talked about conscious capitalism and investing in purpose-driven businesses. He believes in companies that care about humanity, not just making a profit. Wall Street and many public companies focus solely on the bottom line without a bigger picture. He’s interested in knowing why companies do what they do and how they benefit others.

Christine Brunsden and her Mission

As the event moved towards the end of the time frame, Christine Brunsden was brought up. Brunsden spoke about her vision of building a social impact venture that helps people with disabilities navigate aging, disability, and end-of-life planning. 

She has personal experience with her children in families who have significant disabilities, and aims to create an ecosystem that will help them. Others in similar situations help to navigate life more successfully. Her business involves open banking, legal, tax planning and more, all aimed at helping families plan and navigate through the challenges of having a disabled family member.

Ahmed and Jonathan discussed their approach to partnering with VCs and co-founders. They rely on personal connections and long-term relationships and believe that good people are good for business. Moreover, they also value track records and talking to past business partners to assess strengths and weaknesses.  In the end, Jonathan likes to bet on the jockey, not just the vehicle, as pivoting is necessary in business.

The Event End

Brandi Veil concluded the event by thanking the attendees and partners, emphasizing the importance of conscious impact and understanding where we invest our money, thoughts, and relationships. She also urged everyone to focus on their craft and onboard others rather than just seeking fast-funding – indeed a great discussion centering conscious capitalism.


It’s important to note that the views and opinions presented in this article are for informational purposes only and do not constitute financial, investment, or other advice. Investing in or trading stocks carries inherent risks, and readers should conduct their research before making any financial decisions.

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