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Notcoin’s Viral Success: How Crypto Game Onboarded Over 30M Users

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According to Sasha Plotvinov, the creator of Notcoin, the viral clicker game, it has accomplished the incredible feat of efficiently onboarding over 30 million users into the cryptocurrency space. 

This feat not only shatters previous records but also shows the impact that gaming can have in educating a wider audience about cryptocurrency.

In an interview at Token2049, Plotvinov, the creator of Open Builders, the group that created Notcoin, provided insights into the game’s explosive growth. 

He revealed that the first objective was to foster widespread adoption of Telegram messaging software. Additionally, the goal was to integrate the advanced technology of the TON blockchain to establish a connection between the messaging service and the world of Bitcoin.

The Key To Success: Simplifying Onboarding & Fostering Community

According to Plotvinov, the team spent years studying Telegram’s user base and the TON blockchain, which had “almost zero action but had outstanding technology.” 

After careful consideration, they decided to simplify the initial onboarding process, removing roadblocks and providing users with a compelling incentive to engage with Web3.

“At some point, you just come to the idea. All right. So we just need to remove all the roadblocks in the beginning. Then, we need to give users something so they are motivated to go for all this Web3,” Plotvinov explained.

Its social and competitive elements further fueled the game’s success, including interactions, leaderboards, and squad competitions. 

Plotvinov emphasized the importance of these features, stating, “It’s very, very important for such a game. And within Telegram, it’s effortless to onboard users and invite users.”

A Viral Phenomenon Without A Marketing Budget

Remarkably, the Notcoin project achieved its viral status without relying on a dedicated marketing budget. Plotvinov revealed that 94% of Notcoin users came through referrals, with people inviting their friends and communities to join the game.

“People invited other people. We call them friends. You have friends; you just invite them, and you play together. You can see how they’re progressing,” he added.

The Reverse Approach: No Need To Convince Users

Plotvinov also highlighted the team’s unconventional approach, which involved reversing the common practice of trying to convince users of a project’s value. 

Instead, they embraced the idea of presenting Notcoin as “probably nothing,” allowing users to discover the game’s appeal organically without external persuasion.

With over 30 million users onboarded and 53,000 communities competing to climb to the highest league, Notcoin has become a social phenomenon. It demonstrates the power of gaming in introducing crypto to the masses.


The incredible success story of Notcoin is proof of the ability of gaming to propel cryptocurrency acceptance among the general public. 

The game has engaged millions of players without conventional marketing strategies through a reverse methodology, community building, and a streamlined onboarding procedure. 

Notcoin’s viral success provides insightful information about how creativity and user-centric design might bridge the divide between Web3 and traditional audiences as the cryptocurrency business develops.

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