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An Ultimate Guide To Qubic Crypto: An Innovative L1 Blockchain

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Qubic crypto
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Qubic, an innovative Useful Proof-of-Work Layer 1 blockchain revolutionized the crypto ecosystem with its quorum-based computer (QBC) system. 

In the ever-evolving space of cryptocurrency and Artificial Intelligence (AI), blockchains are presenting game-changing innovations. Qubic Crypto is a new member of the blockchain community that merges cutting-edge cryptography with AI to improve the financial system.     

What Is Qubic (QUBIC)? 

Qubic is an innovative layer 1 blockchain introduced by the founder of  IOTA and NXT, Sergey Ivancheglo in 2022. Using its QBC system, the Proof-of-Work Layer 1 blockchain has completely revolutionized the crypto space.

Source: Qubic 

The community-driven, open-source platform utilizes the Useful Proof-of-Work (UPoW) consensus mechanism for solving meaningful AI problems. The mechanism leverages mining capacities for AI training.

Moreover, Qubic Crypto is powered by 676 ‘Computors’ accountable for executing smart contracts. It also ensures reliability by using over 450 Computors to recheck the results before confirming. Computors are the candidates who assist in AI training without any compensation.

Additionally, decentralization, smart contract capabilities, and support for DApps make Qubic a standout performer in the crypto space.    

Key Features Of Qubic Crypto

The open-source network fosters a collaborative environment and allows developers to review, modify, and enhance the code for project evolution. Unlike the traditional PoW mechanism, Qubic uses UPoW which helps in determining the ranking of Computors along with contributing to AI training.

A few of the key features of the Qubic network are as follows:

Source: Qubic 

Independent operating system: The infrastructure of the blockchain allows individuals to operate directly on metal without requiring an operating system. Speedy execution of tasks, top-notch security, and effective use of hardware are some advantages. 

Fastest smart contracts: The smart contract of Qubic is written using C++ and ensures faster execution of transactions. Faster execution thus mitigates issues related to huge transaction times and improves the reliability of smart contract execution.  

Speed and security: Speed and security are other key features of the Qubic network. Direct interaction and operations on bare metal leverage the full capabilities of the hardware, offering high-level performance. It also bypasses any of the bottlenecks or issues effortlessly for rapid execution of tasks.   

The Complete Working

The working of the Qubic network depends on three main factors that are consensus mechanism, smart contracts, and decentralized applications (DApps).    

The network is developed on distributed ledger technology that uses the UPoW consensus mechanism to maintain protected and synchronized records of all dealings. In the Qubic network, nodes play a crucial role in confirming transactions, which firms the ledger’s reliability and Integrity.

Qubic smart contracts are automated contracts with their conditions embedded within the code itself. These contracts permit the independent execution of various operations, like asset transfers or contract fulfillment, without relying on a central entity. This automation not only cuts down on expenses but also supports the system’s security and openness.

Developers can craft cutting-edge, purpose-specific DApps on the Qubic platform. These applications utilize the platform’s abilities for smart contracts and tokens, enabling them to engage with the blockchain and smart contracts. Hence, users enjoy a seamless experience.

Where To Use The Token? 

QUBIC is the native token of the network with a maximum supply of 1,000,000,000,000,000 and a total supply of 89,403,076,230,161. The token has a self-circulating supply of 88,512,924,942,517.         

The tokens are used for micropayments and offer feeless transfers, revolutionizing the industries with small transactions. The tokens can also be used for powering AI training and validation processes. 

It is also considered a game-changer in the field of supply chain and logistics and offers secure, fast, and real-time tracking of supply chains. In short, the network unlocks a wide range of possibilities across different domains with its fast, reliable, and secure ecosystem.    

How To Invest In QUBIC?

Investing in QUBIC requires several steps which are as follows: 

Step 1: Creating a seed or password is the initial step and requires a string consisting of 55 lowercase characters. 

Step 2: Once done, the user is provided with the Qubic ID which is a 60-character long string generated from the seed and operates similarly to a public key. Adding a seed to the wallet will help in getting the ID.  

Step 3: Finding a seller for encountering a deal and sharing the Qubic ID with the seller is the next step. Currently  Over The Counter (OTC) deals are organized which permits the seller and the buyer to sign a deal directly.   

Step 4: To finalize the deal and make the transaction, the user needs the wallet along with creating a vault to interact with Qubic.  

Step 5: The next step is to log in to the account and confirm transactions by entering the amount. 

The QUBIC token is currently available on a few of the cryptocurrency exchanges like SafeTrade, TradeOgre, SevenSeas, and Bitkonan. 

Source: Qubic 

Furthermore, to safeguard the QUBIC tokens, individuals can use different types of wallets. The network supports web wallets, desktop wallets, mobile wallets, and browser extensions. 


Qubic, a layer 1 blockchain presents a compelling case for the future of decentralized systems with its unique features and offerings including independent operating systems, the fastest smart contracts, and top-notch security. Its UPoW consensus mechanism makes it a standout performer. Also, QUBIC, the native token is available on exchanges including SafeTrade, TradeOgre, SevenSeas, and Bitkonan.


What is the circulating supply of QUBIC?

The maximum supply of QUBIC is 1,000,000,000,000,000, the maximum supply is 89,403,076,230,161, and the circulating supply is 88,512,924,942,517.

What is the consensus mechanism of the Qubic network? 

The network operates on the UPoW mechanism that shifts the energy of the mining process in valuable beneficial outcomes.      

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