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Solana, Rollblock, and Chainlink Will Lead the Rest This Bull Run

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Solana (SOL) has experienced explosive growth during the year, as the year-to-date (YTD) climb is 430%. At this growth rate, it could potentially reach new heights. However, it’s not alone, as Chainlink (LINK) also increased in value by 61% during this time frame. 

Yet, the most significant level of attention has gone towards Rollblock (RBLK). It is introducing a blockchain casino that offers various elements, including a revenue share model married with innovative technology. By the end, we will also determine which one of these three is the best cryptocurrency to buy now.

Solana Surges 430% YTD – Can It Pass $200?

Solana has experienced a notable price uptrend in the past year. That has resulted in a lot of optimism surrounding its future price performance. During the past year, the Solana price surged by 430% and at this rate can reach new heights. 

As a result, it’s seen as one of the top crypto coins to jump into. During the past week, the Solana crypto has gone up from $124 to $175. It seems primed to soon reach the $200 resistance. If it passes this threshold, the Solana price reduction suggests it can end 2024 at a value of $209.23.

Chainlink Climbs 61% – Can It Lead the Next Bull Run?

Chainlink has gone upwards in value significantly concurrently. The year-to-date climb for the Chainlink price was by 61%. Moreover, within the past week, the LINK price jumped from $12.25 to $17.84. It barely missed the $20 price mark.

However, if LINK does manage to break past $20, it is primed to see significant growth in 2024. By Q4 2024, the Chainlink price prediction suggests it can reach $28.99. Thus, it will emerge as one of the top crypto coins. 

Rollblock (RBLK) to Revolutionize Online Gambling With Accessibility, Transparency, and Speed

Rollblock has emerged as an innovative online casino that bridges together elements of casino games with blockchain and crypto payments. That results in a much higher level of functionality, transparency, and speed, positioning it as one of the most innovative projects so far.

There is a high level of trustworthiness due to the immutable and permanent transactions that occur on top of the blockchain. Rollblock is Ethereum-based, so the native RBLK token follows the ERC20 token standard. 

Moreover, the platform offers a gaming experience that is secure and fair and has some of the lowest costs out there. Rollblock is used to provide holders with vast benefits, such as rewards, and even a share in the prosperity of the casino through its revenue-share model. The project has begun Stage 1 of the presale, where RBLK is offered at just $0.01. However, with each subsequent presale stage, it will climb higher. According to analysts, it is poised to provide significant ROI for traders and investors that jump into it now. 


Solana, Chainlink, and Rollblock will all lead the rest in this upcoming bull run based on their positive on-chart metrics and overall innovative technology. However, those looking for the most significant ROI are eyeing Rollblolck specifically, as it makes online gambling is made far more accessible, transparent, and quicker with its platform, making it the best cryptocurrency to buy now.

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