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Memecoins’ Mass Appeal Fuels Value For DEXs, Says Kain Warwick

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According to Kain Warwick, the founder of Synthetix, memecoins have emerged as an unexpected driving force. 

Despite being viewed by some as pure speculation, Warwick argues that memecoins’ mass appeal and ability to attract non-traditional DeFi traders make them valuable assets for decentralized exchanges (DEXs).

The Allure Of Memecoins

Warwick, who is set to launch his “on-chain gateway” platform Infinex this month, believes that memecoins represent a “simplistic connection” between financialization, tokenization, and culture. While acknowledging the criticism that memecoins lack utility, Warwick suggests that the speculation surrounding these assets benefits the ecosystem.

“Even if the investment is in a purely speculative instrument that has no utility, the ecosystem around it starts to form, and that money flows through, and the investment flows through into infrastructure, which I think is good,” Warwick explained.

Driving DEX Volumes & Infrastructure Development

Memecoin trading has surged in recent months, with the bulk of transactions occurring on DEXs due to the ease and low cost of token creation tools like 

This surge in activity has contributed to record-breaking monthly DEX volumes, reaching nearly $268 billion in March and $196 billion in April, according to data from DefiLlama.

Warwick believes this increased trading activity on DEXs is valuable, forcing these platforms to respond by building better tools and infrastructure. “Out of memecoin trading, you get DEX volume, and then DEXs have to respond and build better tools,” he said.

Exploring Human Emotion & Cultural Resonance

Warwick suggests that memecoins, NFTs, and GameFi initiatives have the potential to tap into human emotions and cultural ideas. This unique ability is something that traditional finance often needs help to achieve beyond the financial implications.

While acknowledging that finance undoubtedly impacts everyone, Warwick argues that the average person doesn’t find it intrinsically exciting or engaging daily.

“Financial engineering is not that interesting,” he said during a recent ETHGlobal Pragma Sydney event panel discussion. “There’s just not that many people that find it deeply interesting.”

In contrast, Warwick believes that industries like gaming, movies, and music have a broader appeal, tapping into passions and interests that resonate with the general public. “The average person doesn’t care [about finance],” he added. “Games, movies, and music, however, were things Warwick believed the average person is ‘passionate about and cares about.'”

Within this context, Warwick views memecoins as a powerful bridge between finance, tokenization, and cultural trends. “I think memes are maybe the most simplistic connection between financialization and tokenization of everything and culture,” he said.

Warwick suggests that the simplicity and cultural resonance of memecoins make them a compelling “hook” to attract new users to the DeFi ecosystem, potentially paving the way for broader adoption and sustained growth.


Kain Warwick believes that memecoins can play a significant role in driving DeFi’s adoption and infrastructure development. Despite lacking traditional utility, their appeal to a broad audience and cultural relevance can attract new users and spur innovation. As DeFi evolves, the impact of memecoins on its future is worth watching.

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