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Cryptocars: Revolutionizing Transportation With Blockchain

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The car industry is on the verge of a transformational age. The rise of CryptoCars has brought about an exciting new era, as electric cars and driverless driving make headlines. 

CryptoCars are more than just fancy names for electric vehicles; they use blockchain technology to transform car ownership, data storage, and gas payment methods. 

This blog explores CryptoCars’ foundational technology, potential advantages, and impending roadblocks.

What Is CryptoCars (CCAR)?

CryptoCars is a play-to-earn game on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) based on the 2006 Pixar animated film Cars. CryptoCars mainly targets male gamers. 

The play-to-earn game features a variety of racing modes, including a virtual racing simulator, player-versus-computer racing, and player-versus-player racing. Players can also upgrade and trade cars on the game’s marketplace. Participating in these numerous gameplay modes allows players to earn experience points and CCAR, CryptoCars’ in-game currency. 

Furthermore, users with a lot of money can buy a vehicle workshop, which is virtual real estate in the form of an NFT, and allows them to generate CCAR by providing workshop services such as refueling and staking.

Who Are CryptoCars’ Founders?

A group of Vietnamese programmers, led by An Nguyen, the CTO, and Ly Tran, the CEO, created CryptoCars. 

Prior to founding CryptoCars, Mr. Tran worked as a full-stack web and mobile app developer after earning his computer science degree from Ho Chi Minh Bach Khoa University in 2015. 

Mr. Nguyen is a fellow computer science graduate with expertise in developing iOS, Android, and BlackBerry mobile applications.

Seven individuals have worked on the CrypoCars project since April 2021. The group intends to combine CryptoCars with its sibling project, CryptoPlanes, in the future.

Benefits Of CryptoCars

The application of blockchain technology in CryptoCars offers a multitude of potential benefits:

  • Transparency & Security: Blockchain ensures transparent ownership records, reducing the risk of fraud or manipulation. Owners can trust the authenticity of ownership history.
  • Streamlined Ownership Transfer: Smart contracts streamline the process, increasing its speed and security. Knowing that certain conditions will automatically result in the transfer of ownership, buyers and sellers can proceed with confidence throughout transactions.
  • Better Data Management: Thanks to the safe blockchain storage of vehicle data, including maintenance logs, transparency is increased, and maintenance is streamlined. Easy access to thorough car information helps owners make smarter decisions and maintain their vehicles more effectively.
  • Frictionless Purchases: Automating gas station purchases with integrated cryptocurrency payment systems provides security and convenience. Fueling up is hassle-free for drivers because transactions are safely recorded on the blockchain for accountability and transparency.

CryptoCars: A Revolutionary Approach To The Sharing Economy

CryptoCars are set to transform the car-sharing industry. With blockchain technology, owners can securely rent their vehicles directly to others.

  • Smart Contracts For Rentals: These contracts automate the rental process, cutting out the middlemen. Renters pay in cryptocurrency, and when the rental is done, the funds are released to the owner automatically.
  • Improved Security & Trust: Blockchain technology guarantees the secure storage of car data and rental agreements, promoting trust between owners and renters. This enhances confidence in the car-sharing process, fostering a robust and reliable ecosystem.

How Is The Network Of CryptoCars Secured?

Built on BigchainDB, a side chain, CryptoCars enables the team to operate the app without transaction fees and with almost rapid confirmation times. Microsoft, Polkadot, Toyota, and other blockchain companies are among the other businesses using BigchainDB.

Players transfer their funds from Binance Smart Chain to BigchainDB using a token bridge developed by CryptoCars.

A BEP-20 token on the Binance Smart Chain is called CCAR. The proof-of-stake consensus technique protects BSC. 

Every 24 hours, 21 validators are chosen to verify transactions and uphold blockchain security. To be qualified, these validators must stake a minimum quantity of BNB tokens with Binance.

Obstacles On The Path Ahead

Although CryptoCars provide an exciting future, there are a few issues that must be resolved:

  • Regulatory Uncertainty: The rules around cryptocurrencies and blockchain still need clarification. Clear regulations are needed to protect consumers and make CryptoCars more widely accepted.
  • Scalability Issues: A large-scale CryptoCar ecosystem would generate a lot of transactions, which current blockchain platforms would need help to handle. It is necessary to create scalability solutions to guarantee effective transaction processing.
  • Infrastructure Development: Creating crypto-friendly petrol stations and user-friendly interfaces for blockchain-based vehicle ownership systems are essential infrastructure components enabling the widespread adoption of CryptoCars.

CryptoCars And The Transformation Of Transportation

The concept of CryptoCars has the power to alter the way we use and own automobiles. CryptoCars can: Using blockchain technology, they can

  • Give Owners More Control: Owners can more easily transfer ownership and take care of maintenance as they can better control their vehicles and data.
  • Enhance automobile Sharing: CryptoCars may make automobile sharing safer and more effective for owners and renters.
  • Modify the Auto Industry: This invention may result in new business practices, more economical auto maintenance, and a more apparent car-purchasing experience.

Visualizing A World Driven By CryptoCars

Fast forward a decade. Imagine a world where car ownership is a digital experience. You purchase your car through a secure online marketplace, receiving a unique token representing ownership on the blockchain.

Maintenance records are transparently stored on the blockchain, allowing you to track your car’s history and identify reputable service providers.Renting your car for a weekend getaway is as simple as a few clicks and intelligent contracts ensure secure and automated transactions.

At the gas station, a quick scan with your phone and the blockchain handle the payment seamlessly. This is the future that CryptoCars promises – a future of secure, transparent, and efficient car ownership and interaction.


CryptoCars are poised to revolutionize how we perceive and interact with vehicles. 

Despite facing obstacles, the underlying blockchain technology presents a promising vision of a future where car ownership is empowered. Additionally, car-sharing is streamlined, and the automotive industry is transforming significantly.

It is imperative for individuals and communities to actively engage in shaping this technological revolution as the CryptoCar ecosystem continues to evolve. 

So, let’s embrace the journey ahead and embark on the exciting ride into the world of CryptoCars!

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