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LBank & Bitmart to list “Mollars” token, a new SOV for Ethereum Blockchain

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Over 70% of the Mollars ($MOLLARS) presale token supply allocation is now sold. It is on a fast track to a sold-out Initial Coin Offering event. The new store-of-value asset resolves the massive Bitcoin blockchain fees for Ethereum Blockchain’s 250 million users (and others). It has raised $1.3 million from captivated investors. Other investors who’ve teetered on ‘buy or not buy’ due to insecurities in the overall presale market can join. Lbank crypto exchange has confirmed the new cryptocurrency listing via X. It will list on the public exchange at the end of the ICO, June 1st.

The announcement ends all rumors that spread FOMO, suggesting any ICO or token presale can be a rug pull.   

The Announcement is a Huge Win for Investors — End Rug Pull FOMO

A fast rug pull is an event when a cryptocurrency in the presale stages disappears, and investors’ funds are lost. Mollars has already been confirmed to be listed by both LBank and Bitmart. That means the exchanges have privy access to the token supply. They must have procured a sufficient settlement to offer investors liquidity for their holdings.

A slow rug pull is when cryptocurrency founders hold massive swaths of tokens for themselves. It allows those founders to liquidify their ‘free tokens’ against the real fiat currency of investors.     

Top exchanges like LBank and Bitmart tend to review whitepaper plans and tokenomics in detail. That information is put against the token supply of a cryptocurrency, allowing exchanges to procure it. It assures investors aren’t being duped.

Mollars clearly states in the white paper that the founder nor the developers will hold self-gifted [free] tokens. The total token supply is 10 million tokens. It means a slow rug pull is unlikely. The clarity on ‘no free token holdings’ is being advertised in the whitepaper. The founder can’t pull funds because they will have no ‘stash token supply’ to liquidate. 

Investors That Waited This Long, Missed Big ROI Gains

The Mollars token presale is in its 5th of 6 funding rounds today. The downside for Investors who have waited until this point is that they’ve missed massive potential yields. The token is currently priced at $0.55 versus the round 1 price of $0.35.

That $0.20 price difference is slightly shy of 45%. That gap will increase soon as the ICO is close to moving into its 6th round. Once in the final round, traders will have to pay $0.60 [cents] per $MOLLARS token.

Expected Listing Day Price – Instant ROI Gains

The Mollars token presale has a hard cap of $2,000,000 [US]. Daily presales averages must reach $31,364 to close the crypto ICO completely. It’s currently at $1,310,000.

Mollars Price Prediction: Gains of +3900%

If that hard cap limit is reached, the Mollars token will list on crypto exchanges at $0.62. That ‘out of the gate’ price will immediately give today’s investors a +12% ROI yield. First-round investors will see much more, a +77% gain on investment.

However, the long-term yields could prove much more impressive. While some will sell quickly to secure an easy profit, the HODL strategy could pay much more. Ari of CryptoNews has suggested the token could easily reach a price of over $14. Its low finite supply, utility, and overall popularity could thrust it rapidly.

If Mollars token reaches that prediction of $14, the ROI yield would be a rather rich +3900%. It will have meager transaction fees [compared to rival Bitcoin]. A +3900% gain would mean every $100 would return $3900. 

Many of Ari’s followers have already joined the Mollars ICO. If his prediction rings true, a $26,000 investment could turn one of those traders into a millionaire.   

Actual Investor Could Take Home Over Half-a-Million Profit

Thus far, however, the biggest investor spotted in the Mollars ICO is $16,367. Their investment would net them $638,313. 

This investor used the “DCA” method, appearing to be a crypto whale. He made multiple purchases over a multi-week span and may have passed that total today. The whale was last tracked in January of 2024.

How to Buy Mollars

The buy options are in Ethereum (ETH) and Tether (USDT). Investors like this whale have also used credit cards to make sizable purchases on the website.

As an SOV, the asset was designed to become deflationary over time. Mollars bets on its extremely scarce token supply as the fuel to lead the new token into a deflationary state. As popularity and demand grow, so will the price. Over time, $14 is minuscule in terms of predictions for the token if it finds excellent popularity.

The project has a maximum supply of only 10,000,000 tokens. This total could decrease, given the project plans to burn all unsold tokens before the June 1st ICO. Today, Mollars presale buyers already own over 28% of the total token supply before it even reaches the confirmed exchanges.

LBank & Bitmart Crypto Exchanges

Lbank, with over 7 million users internationally, announced it would list the Mollars token on its crypto exchange. Bitmart, who confirmed it would list the token last Friday, is said to have more users than various sources.   

Mollars developers are taking every step to ensure the project is a safe investment. They show investors it’s a legitimate contender to Bitcoin before it launches.

Moreover, adding these exchanges could serve as a game-changer for those looking for fast profits with crypto ICOs. Entering BitMart and LBank exchanges means that the $MOLLARS token will be available for tens of millions of new users. It could cause a significant adoption increase for an already scarce currency. 

Expect more exchanges to announce that the new Bitcoin rival will be listed throughout this month.

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