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Bitcoin Hammered, Things May Look Up


Bitcoin (BTC) has been suffering over the past two days. Around 36 hours ago, Bitcoin was trading at $10,200; now, the cryptocurrency is trading at $9,500. This sell-off has come after the cryptocurrency traded in the low-$10,000s for around two weeks. This has made investors across the board a little …

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Is This A Possible Reasons For Bitcoin Suddenly Soaring?


After Bitcoin prices dwindling from the past couple of weeks, Bitcoin suddenly soared this week, with the bitcoin price rising more than 20% in the last seven days and jumping over $500 per bitcoin in a matter of minutes last night, only to fall back again. The abrupt bitcoin price …

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The Ultimate Guide to Cryptocurrency Wallets : Types, Review and Comparison


What is Cryptocurrency or Bitcoin Wallet? This wallet is the premier step to utilize Bitcoin and virtual currency. It is similar to the bank account and it provides the facility to keep coins, send coins, receive bitcoins and transfer to others. In other words, a wallet acts as your individual …

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Venezuela Bitcoin Trading Rises To 1,000,000% Due Inflation Projection


Venezuela, officially the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, is a federal state in the north part of South America. The country has built its economy on oil, as it owns the largest oil reserves in the world. The national Venezuelan cryptocurrency Petro, officially El Petro, has garnered about $735 million during …

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