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Accelerate Program Introduced by Ethereum Classic to Encourage Own ETC Apps


  On July 30, the Ethereum Classic has introduced its Accelerate Program to encourage their own ETC apps. This Accelerate Program will alliance with blockchain firms and other company communities to create services, products, and Dapps (decentralized applications) on the stage of Ethereum Classic. The program was launched through Ethereum …

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Cryptocurrency Price Analysis: Bulls Appear to Rule the Market


The cryptocurrency market is full of uncertainties and surprises, after a sharp surge in the price of Bitcoin, the whole crypto market changed following the footsteps of Flagship currency, Bitcoin, all significant altcoins observed a brisk growth in their prices. Though in the past few days, the total crypto market …

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Ethereum (ETH) price analysis: The main reason that led to the sudden fall in price of Ethereum (ETH)


Ethereum (ETH) yesterday cross the resistance level of $170 and $175 against the United States Dollar. Ethereum (ETH) also tested the $180 resistance level but rested at the $175 resistance level. The highest level that Ethereum (ETH) has reached in the past 24 hours is $178.14. This value was above …

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Ethereum’s developers once again in a dilemma, Whether Hard Forks are effective or not?

"Muir Glacier" A Hard Fork to Delay Impending Ice Age - A 'Temporary' Solution to Save Ethereum Mainnet

Hard Forks, a phenomenon that the majority of the population might be unaware of is basically a scenario where open source developers discuss the possibility of system-wide upgrades. On Friday, a group of Ethereum veteran open-source developers sat down to discuss hard forks to the software and that the possibility …

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SFOX’s Index Cryptocurrency Prime Dealer Now Reads Current Digital Market as ‘Mildly Bullish’


On 4th April according to a report published –  SFOX’s index Institutional cryptocurrency prime dealer is now reading the digital currency market as “mildly bullish.” In the course of getting ready the report, the corporate collected knowledge regarding value, volume and volatility from eight major exchanges in March so as to look at the worldwide performance of six leading coins: Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin …

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