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The Complete List of Top 10 Cryptocurrency Leaders of 2019

Top Ten

The Cryptosphere is known for its technology geniuses who innovate the revolutionary peer-to-peer technology. There is one person who brings this technology into life but there are other people who push this technology to another extension with their innovative Approach. Here is the list of top 10 leaders of Cryptocurrency …

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Bitcoin to fall at $1K , Is it the Dead End?

Bitcoin price

Peter Schiff, American libertarian, stockbroker, financial commenter, economist and of course the ‘gold advocate’ has strongly opposed Bitcoin’s increasing trend stating that it would drastically fall ‘someday’, hence it is much better to do investments on precious metals like gold. Ironically, almost none of his statements and the price predictions …

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Is Long Term Holding of Bitcoin Really Safe?

bitcoin Death Cross

Google’s quantum supremacy has been the hell of awesomeness as it suggests that all the encrypted puzzles can be easily solved just 200 seconds overtaking powerful and advanced computers, which would take 10,000 years to perform the same. The exciting question is Can it break the highly encrypted BTC blockchain. …

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Amazon Allows Payment via Cryptocurrency ‘Bitcoin’


Moon, a startup by three individuals, acts as a platform to pay for the goods on Amazon using BTC, this will be done through the Lightning Network, bitcoin,litecoin or ether. The new payment system is not yet embraced by all, while some e-commerce giants accept it, others rejected it on account …

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