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Cardano (ADA) Acquiring The Level Of $0.5100 Will Open Bullish Door For The Prices

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Cardano ADA price Analysis
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  • There is a loss of -0.33% in the prices and they are struggling to acquire a strong positive momentum towards the resistance level of $0.04800.
  • The ADA/BTC pair is performing well as there is a positive change of 0.05% bringing the levels to 0.00000571.

The Cardano ADA prices climbing gradually and did acquire the major resistance levels like $0.042500 and $0.043500 with a positive divergence.

Cardano ADA is stumbling to cross the resistance level of 0.051000  and they are struggling to maintain their bullish pace.

A negative trade might emerge in the prices and then they will test the level of $0.05000 if they didn’t acquire the level of $0.51000

The bulls getting the momentum through the support level of $0.05050. ADA Prices did acquire their bullish pace due to the crucial support level of $0.049000

After a fall this level provided a major bullish momentum to ADA prices to recover the fallen levels.

The strength of the resistance level of $0.5200 is still a major threat for the Cardano ADA prices, to acquire it they need to establish dominance over $0.05100

Currently ADA’s market capitalization is $1,317,117,412 USD with volume traded of $134,040,484 USD and circulating supply of 25,927,070,538 ADA.

Cardano Price Analysis


There is a slight increase in the Cardano prices as bulls are emerging but bears are also presenting the resistance.

Cardano ADA Prices suffered a heavy negative momentum and bears emerge strongly but bulls manage to recover some of this fall.

The technical indicators and oscillators showing that there is an increase in the buying volume of the cryptocurrency.

MACD levels are showing bears are having complete dominance over the bulls as currently there is a major bearish momentum.

24hr-RSI is moving with a slightly positive trend in the bullish region right above the crucial level of 50.

The 24hr-CCI is performing well as it reaches above the neutral point in the normal region and priming up to reach further heights the normal zone.

Resistance Level $ 0.05100

Support level $0.050500

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