LISK(LSK): Can Lisk Regain Its Past Glory?


Olivier Beddows and Max Kordek are the founders of Lisk. They were part of the CRYPT team, which was not a feasible project in the market but gave Lisk’s foundation. They have raised 14000 Bitcoin in its initial token sale. Initially, there were very few members but grew eventually. Around 2018 the community was growing very fast. It was once compared with Ethereum and Neo. At present, the price of lisk is below its competitors and trading at a value of $1.344.

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Lisk is build on Javascript, a universal language for the developers. It is best suited to build applications for web and mobile phones. Unlike other crypto coins, you don’t have to learn any other language and businesses can easily implement the Lisk. It has a platform which enables developers to build their own decentralized applications with their own tokens and smart contracts. The application runs on its own adjustable blockchain (the sidechain of the main Lisk blockchain). Each DApps runs in its sidechain, which is connected to the main Lisk blockchain. There is the option to run your own master node that will only serve the sidechain. So the owner of DApp can influence the performance of the blockchain. Lisk provides personalized cryptocoin which can be operated by the owner but with has specific regulations. Lisk operates on a Designated proof of stake mechanism with 101 Mater Nodes. Its outgoing transaction fee is 0.1Lsk which is more than other coins.

Current Development:

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In the Recent Berlin summit of Lisk, the interpolable nature and the ease of creating NFT tokens has been discussed. Lisk core V3 release is the next major thing which can be a game-changer if done accordingly. There is mixed talk in the social media about the ongoing development in the blockchain. According to their financial report of December, they have invested more than 60% in their development but with no specific road map for quite a long time.

Price Comparison with its Competitor:

Source: Trading view

Price comparison is done with EOS, ADA, ETC. They are competitor of LISK. As we can see that Lisk has not performed well in comparison to their peers(Blue line is EOS)

Google VS Lisk Price:

The above graph is based on the return on Lisk’s daily price and the Garch variance of Google Data. It indicates that the return in price is clearly dependent on the volatility of the google search. Investment based on the google search is not advisable. (The result is based on the 90 days search data worldwide and price)

GARCH Model for Lsk Price:

The above variance model is based on the maximum likelihood of the data. We can say that volatility quickly follows a mean reversion line. Grach is used for predicting volatility in the price. The graph is based on the six-month data of closing price.

Major Holders 

Source: Lisk offical website

The major wallets of the Lisk are Coin check, Binance and some other. The transactions from these wallets are changing, which can be an indication for a breakout from the consolidation phase. It can be either bullish or bearish.


Lisk has a reliable team, and they are working continuously for developing their product. It is a very stable coin. It made the investors gain in the past.LISK has also fallen from the top 100 market cap, which is an unsatisfactory sign as it is continually developing but has no significant result. ADANET is the only Dapp of Lisk which had been received well by the critics. Their roadmap has been changed several times which is not typical for a crypto coin. Investment on Lisk should be done according to their own research.

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