LAND token of The Sandbox’s first public sale is near

The LAND token will help to invest in Virtual Estate
  • The first public sale of the LAND token will be held on February 11, 2021
  • The token will represent the virtual estate in the game
  • The Sandbox has partnered with the CoinMarketCap to launch the first wave of NFT gaming campaign

LAND token’s first public sale will be held in the next month as per The Sandbox developer. For individuals worldwide, Real Estate has been one of the most popular methods for investing funds. Such investors can now buy virtual plots of land. Such lands can be used, rented, or sold by gamers. However, this would be the first public virtual land sale launching with the CoinMarketCap. Previously it is also known that the game has held other private sales. Back then, firms like Atari had acquired land in LAND token to run their gaming projects.

The LAND token will represent the virtual pieces of Real Estate

Animoca Brands is the developer of the game ‘The Sandbox,’ and he only has announced the LAND token’s public sale. According to the developer, the sale will see 9 ESTATES, and 1,200 Premium LANDS will be up for acquiring. Following the data, it is observed that last year remained significant for the crypto gaming and NFT industry. However, now the developer claims that this year will be even greater than 2020, as the industry is continuing to expand. 

‘The Sandbox’ has partnered with CoinMarketCap

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Following the announcement, it is found that the first wave is in partnership with the CoinMarketCap. The partnership will help the gaming project to offer six exclusive NFT heroes during the push. This means, each LAND token will include 2 of the NFTs, and the sixth one will be available at the end of the first wave. According to Bathuan Dasgin, the head of business development at CoinMarketCap, NFTs will encapsulate the idea and expand it to new frontiers.

On the other side, it is also put up that this is the first wave among many waves coming throughout 2021. Indeed, such waves are known to consist of different partnerships and benefits.

Gamers can now enjoy NFTs as the in-game assets

‘The Sandbox’ uses a LAND token to represent virtual pieces of the land in which players can design their own experiences. On the other side, the game operates as the transactional of the platform. Indeed, the players can benefit from using the NFTs as the representation of the asset. Such in-game assets will offer the players with real value over their digital gaming assets. If the virtual land rises in popularity, the token will become popular.

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Ahtesham Anis
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