What is Cointraffic and Why shall one use Cointraffic?

  • Cointraffic is a global crypto advertising network, which has helped over 400 crypto projects to build marketing strategies and sell their products
  • Cointraffic boosts traffic through TV Advertising, Press Releases, Remarketing, and Conversion rate optimization; offering the best services globally

A Crypto project is like a Rocket into Space. Everyone can reach the stars; but, the project aims to land on the Moon! To accomplish this, the project requires a team of professionals who can help choose the right flight path and guide a safe path towards the goal. In the crypto space, Cointraffic is precisely what crypto projects need! 

Cointraffic is an experienced and global crypto advertising network with the right connections to transform a goal into reality. They have helped more than 400 crypto projects from different niches worldwide to build a sustainable Smart Marketing strategy and product takeoff.

How Does Cointraffic Boom The Crypto Projects?

Cointraffic advertises their client’s banners on the top and prominent positions of the largest crypto-related websites globally, unlike most blockchain websites people know like CoinMarketCap, News BTC, CCA. This enables them to grab the attention of niche users and create unparalleled brand awareness for crypto projects globally. But that’s not all! Cointraffic is unique as the firm targets to expand its services and offer new ways of boosting crypto traffic through TV Advertising, Press Releases, Remarketing, and Conversion rate optimization. Hurrah! the complete marketing stage is achieved. And, the crypto project has successfully landed on the Moon!

Why should one use Cointraffic?

By television ads, does Cointraffic mean users can directly contact the company and place their ads? Is the process so simple? Cointraffic develops banners and makes placements. All the placements are automatic, so one doesn’t have to worry about bidding strategies. Furthermore, the customer doesn’t have to worry about figuring out which website they want to target. Cointraffic does it all for you! They work with users and have dedicated managers. 

To be precise, if the user has a contract signed with Cointraffic today, the project can reach millions of blockchain people within the walking space tomorrow.

Real Time Bidding in Cointraffic?

Presently, Cointraffic is working on real time bidding. Real time biding is simply a process to bid on the ads during the time taken by a web page to load. Cointraffic have  dedicated managers who take care of this process for their clients, so one doesn’t have to be worried about the process.. 

Automated services is the second step of growth which they are climbing currently. When that is achieved Cointraffic will be to crypto space what AdWords is to the rest of the world. 

What makes them distinct from AdWords is their complete self dependent automated working  platform which is free from the interference of Google or Facebook. 

All these features make Cointraffic a perfect place to boost your business while expanding your services globally!

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