ConsenSys Academy offers scholarships to Iranian women

ConsenSys Grants encourage Iranian Women to begin with coding in Solidity
  • The ConsenSys Academy is an educational branch of ethereum startup incubator
  • Seven Iranian female coders received scholarships and graduated from a training of the academy 
  • It’s a kind of a diplomatic mission to provide this opportunity to people who need it

Seven Iranian female coders received scholarships and graduated from the training of ConsenSys Academy. The Academy is an educational branch of Ethereum startup incubator.

ConsenSys Academy’s assisting scholarships 

The scholarships are an intrinsic part of ConsenSys’ global scheme. These scholarships assist the developers to begin coding on the platform of Ethereum blockchain. They also might offer additional opportunities for people in the nation largely devoid of the international tech network. 

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Women hold a percentage of 70% of the total share of university graduates in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics in the country. The share exceeds the percentage in many developed nations across the world. However, tech professionals in Iran are facing a problem with many roadblocks constructing their careers than their fellow workers in Europe and the U.S.

Iran is stuck with strong international verifications. These sanctions focus on preventing Iran’s leadership from advancing nuclear weapons. This further influences ordinary people’s capability to send and receive money from foreign spaces. 

However, Iran is also a strong contributor to the Bitcoin network, as it provides about 4% of global hash-power. The country is a profitable spot for miners and the blockchain community functions smoothly. 

An account of Sahar Rahbari

Sahar Rahbari is an IT manager with professional training. The 38-year old is also a mother of two children. Sahar was one of the members of the batch of 2020. She first bumped into an announcement of the scholarships on the platform of Twitter. Back then, she worked at a University in her region of Yasouj. She also maintained a portal for selling domestic agricultural output. 

When a friend asked Sahar to assist her with writing about Blockchain tech, the latter immediately felt interested in the respective framework. She then decided to take up its study professionally. After concluding the course, Sahar started to work as a freelancer for regional blockchain projects.

Benefits of ConsenSys Academy’s training 

Thus, a professional training like the one that ConsenSys Academy offers can potentially facilitate Iranians to learn new skills. It will perhaps increase the opportunities for an Iranian to achieve a work visa. Unfortunately, this is not sufficient to resolve the geopolitical challenges that many regular Iranians witness. 

U.S. and European institutions often avoid employing Iranian nationals or send financials to local people. All such problems are thus associated with the attempt to avoid any sanctions violations. 

The developer relations at ConsenSys Academy, Coogan Brennan, stated that one hundred students collected grants from the Academy within the last year. The batch of 2020 lasted from September to December. It involved both students who were financially capable to learn Blockchain skills and those who received scholarships through local NGOs. The latter was active mostly in developing nations; thus, they could access online classes for free.

Coogan explained that the institution is not providing money to them. They are on a sort of a diplomatic mission to provide this opportunity to people who need it.

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