Wikileaks Old Payment Processor On Mission To Provide Low Cost Internet In Africa

  • Andreas Fink who helped Wikileaks in funding had launched an innovative project to bring internet services in West Africa via his company CAJUTEL
  • The fundings of Wikileaks were halted by VISA, PayPal, Mastercard. They managed to wipe out 95% of Wikileaks’ fundings. The fundings were halted due to Wikileaks’ action on releasing some critical information
  • Wikileaks payment processor, Datacell EHF spearheaded by Andreas Fink, processed nearly 70,000 euros everyday just before the fundings were put to hold

Andreas Fink who assisted Wikileaks in processing the funding through his venture Datacell EHF, had launched an innovative project cajutel to shape the future by bringing internet access to untapped regions of Africa.

What is Cajutel’s Vision?

CAJUTEL, a Sierra Leone based company is leaving no stone unturned to bring internet connectivity to the people of West Africa to help uplift the education and business in the country. The company has developed an infrastructure that can help in bringing this dream into reality. CAJUTEL used Ethereum Blockchain to create digital shares of the company, which can further be used as funding purpose in the project. 

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Fink’s vision has been great for the people of West Africa and he has proved his mettle before also when he had helped Wikileaks, a non-profit media organisation to recover its fundings which were halted by Visa, PayPal, Mastercard and Bank of America.

It is important to note here that Andreas Fink is the founder of Data cell EHF and CAJUTEL, which is developing an infrastructure to provide internet services in West Africa where people are still deprived of this basic necessity. The project is developed in Sierra Leone, West Africa by the company with a vision to help uplift the education and the business in the region. 

The year 2010 was a year marked in the history of the right to free speech. In a joint effort by Visa, Mastercard, Paypal, Western Union and Bank of America, it froze the funding of Wikileaks. The association managed to wipe out 95% of Wikileaks’ fundings. Wikileaks relied on Bitcoin for donations as it could not raise or store funds in any other manner. 

Since December 7, 2010, the unlawful financial blockade has been imposed by Visa against Datacell EHF. In April, the network provider won a Supreme Court ruling against Valitor, the Visa and MasterCard’s local agent. DataCell confirmed that the credit card payment line would remain open indefinitely.

Who is Andreas Fink?

Furthermore, Andreas Fink announced that Datacell would continue donations for Wikileaks as they didn’t commit anything illegal. Visa and MasterCard also agreed on Iceland’s Supreme Court decision and assured to renew their services shortly.

Now Fink is associated with a project in Sierra Leone, which aims to capture 1.7million population who do not have access to the internet. The project plans to cover 75% of the population of West Africa with the highest speed internet access. The internet access to the people will be very affordable as the rates quoted are 30% cheaper than the other operators. This initiative taken by Fink will create a lot of business opportunities for the people of West Africa. 

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