A 50-50% Chance for BTC reaching $1 million, as said by Peter Brandt

BTC has a 50-50 chance of reaching 1 Million
  • A well-known commodities trader, Peter Brandt has disclosed that hos largest single holding includes BTC
  • He has mentioned about a 50-50 chances of BTC either hitting the mark of $1 million or falling right to zero
  • Other giants of the market have also made some similar forecasts regarding the crypto market of BTC

Peter Brandt, a trader who has been extensively working in the market of commodities for over fifty years has shared his belief that there exists a very favourable chance, an equal chance the funds of BTC might soar up to as high as $1 and fall down to zero. It is known to us one of Peter’s largest single holdings is BTC. He has joined BTC very recently and has raised the bar for BTC. He has very clearly disclosed his views and future prospects of BTC on Twitter. He has also disclosed his BTC holdings too. However, on being called as a BTC maxi, Peter has denied being so. He mentioned from the list Bitcoins stands to be of his largest holdings as far as non-real estate is concerned. 

Peter’s take on the prices of BTC

Peter has, however, mentioned that he thinks that BTC stands as a very decent and regular trading asset for him just as the same as lumber or sugar. But a very honest disclosure rather comment was made by Peter Brandt that he has never earlier witnessed such a volatile and exciting market. For him, it’s a very new and exciting domain of working. Such a similar remark of BTC hitting the scoreboard at $1 million was made by Jesse Powell the CEO of Kraken exchange, based in the United States. According to him such an achievement for b=BTC seems to be very much reasonable for the market of BTC. 

Forecast by other tech giants

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Apart from these very recent comments made by the giant investors like Peter Brandt and Jesse Powell, about four years ago John McAfee had made a forecast about this $1 million mark for BTC. John is the owner of the very renowned antivirus software company named McAfee. He is also a very enthusiastic crypto investor. A stone age tech that took place in the early 2020’s fell as a bummer on John as the prices completed reversed in case of BTC. He is presently held for trial as well as extradition to the United States, presently held in a prison in Spain for not paying taxes for over a span of almost eight years. He has also been charged for fraudulence and laundering of money.

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