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A Crypto Currency Token Which Could Be The Next Bitcoin In Your Portfolio

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  • Cajutel is a Guinea-Bissau based company with the main aim to provide internet at an affordable price to West African Countries.
  • Cajutel breakeven point is within one year from the start of the service, with a higher ROI within three years.

Crypto currency has seen a boom since the last decade and gave rise to various successful projects.One of them is Cajutel.Cajutel had its inception on Aug 18, 2017, with an ICO of 1780000 tokens. Cajutel is currently owned by two individuals, one of them is Mr Andreas fink (A telecommunication expert). He was also the payment processor of wikileaks. They also have a strong team behind the project that continuously works towards developing the project.

The company’s vision is to facilitate effective communication, irrespective of geography, distance, time or complexity.

What gives This Project A Huge Opportunity Of Growth

Cajutel operates in Guinea-Bissau and Sierra Leone, the two untapped markets of West Africa. There is a great strategic importance of these countries with a great significance on the trade route. The question that arises here is why these countries and why not somewhere else. Let’s see from an investor point of view.

As an investor, one looks for a certain thing like Cash flow rate, First mover, and how feasible is the product for the general population.

GDP per capita of Guinea Bissau is $697.29, with a population of 2,000,185 as per the 2021 latest data. The main occupation of Guinea Bissau’s people is the production of cashew and other fruits.

There are approximately 1.7 million people in Guinea Bissau with a phone or landline connection. The Internet is available at a rate of $60 per month, which is 103% higher than GDP per capita. That is why these countries have only 2% percent of internet connection. This gives Cajutel significance as a “first and fast mover” in this region.

If we look at the projection of Cajutel per user, we find that they are looking to decrease the price up to $9 per user. Whereas the projected price is approximately 880% less than the current market value of Internet price, making the product user friendly. These rates can make Cajutel the market dominator and place it in line with Airtel Africa or MTNL.

Suppose Cajutel acquires 40% of the market, then the projected cash flow rate would be $57600000. If we look at the available tokens, then per token price worth $32, and if marketed correctly, the price has the potential to reach $1200 in two or three years.

Technical Analysis Tells A Bullish Story For This Crypto Currency

Cajutel is currently trading at $2.87 with a market capitalization of $5,120,731. Since its inception, Cajutel has seen a jump of 547%, making the investor fill their pocket with a huge profit. If we look at the fundamentals and technical analysis, then a run of more than 3000% is remaining in the price. Cajutel breakeven price is within a year from starting their services.

There is also high ROI in cajutel as compared with the other crypto projects.


Cajutel has great fundamentals with a great team behind it. The African continent’s untapped region can help Cajutel gain great traction and expand its operation to other countries. If one can look further into the future, one can easily find that the internet is the future and cajutel has strategic importance in it.

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