Stellar Development Foundation’s COO aims to establish fiat anchors worldwide

Stellar Development Foundation COO expresses the desire to establish a fiat anchor in every nation
  • Jason Chlipala highlighted that Stellar Lumens represents a platform that connects and opens up financial systems
  • On the main use instances, Jason stated that Stellar primarily focuses on transactions
  • The final aim, added Jason, is to create anchors in all currencies

Jason Chlipala, the COO of Stellar Development Foundation (SDF), recently interviewed some of the most relevant discussion points for the respective platform and the crypto space. Emphasizing that SDF aims to support the idea of quick and easy access to the comprehensive financial system, he highlighted that Stellar Lumens represents a platform that connects and opens up economic systems.

Stellar Development Foundation’s current plans

Jason stated that Stellar primarily focuses on transactions on the main use instances. The other important priority is its native operations, such as tokenization of administrated assets and asset creation. Currently, SDF actively tries to develop bridges that link the Stellar ecosystem and the non-Stellar ecosystem; these institutions are called anchors.

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One of the topmost crucial anchors established for the SDF was positioned at the beginning of February this year. As a result of a teamwork scheme with the CENTRE consortium, Stellar arrived at becoming the third blockchain to hold stablecoin USD Coin (USDC), together with Ethereum and Algorand. 

Jason Chlipala’s take on the platform’s progress

Jason suggested that the company is focusing on building its network. Eventually, the final aim is to create anchors in all currencies. According to the platform’s plan, every nation will hold an anchor of its own. Thus, he added that if one wants to convert his/her fiat money into a Stellar asset, one can do that easily.

Looking into other features of Stellar Lumens, Jason highlighted that they are planning to construct Stellar in a way that it becomes an answer for everything but a solution for particular cases. The executive further added that in the space of payments or in the domain of digitizing regulated assets, Stellar works great. He explained that the performance is excellent precisely because it’s tapered and constitutes a focus. According to him, that excited him about the technology and will make the platform successful.

Jason then turned the conversation to the platform’s potential collaboration with the iconic Ukrainian Ministry for Digital Transformation. As a team, SDF and the Ministry plan to establish a national scheme to make policies. A framework concentrated on digital assets and the viable release of a CBDC. SDF’s COO reported that the company is in talks with various central banks and governments to execute a similar arrangement. 

Jason concluded that he was pretty impressed by the Ministry’s perception and foresight reflected in these areas. Ukraine holds a lot of potential for blockchain in general and crypto assets. It represents a significant payment corridor. It is very well stationed to create and administer policies on digital assets.

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