Top 4 Altcoins With A Potential To Rise More Than 100X

Bitcoin Cash:

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Bitcoin cash is a hard fork of Bitcoin, which solves the scalability and transaction fees issues of the BTC. The median transaction fee of BTC has reached beyond the $8 level. Meanwhile, the transaction fee of Bitcoin cash has remained less than $0.002 which is a boon for the crypto users in the current era. BCH has considerable market dominance as compared to the other Altcoins. It is currently trading at $590, with more than 100% of gains from the start of this year. BCH price along with the BTC pair might surpass the all time high soon.The analyst predicts that the BCH coin can surpass the BTC value in the future.


Source: Trading view

The reason Electroneum is in this list is because it has very low transaction fees and a high network effect. The coins currently in the market can compete with ETN on other properties but not on the Network effect and transaction fee. The main reason for this is their user base which is situated all over the globe. Any task of Electroneum is also contributing to the valuation of Electroneum. ETN is currently undervalued with a factor of more than 0.5. One can expect a strong uptrend in the price for the future. The analyst predicts a $100 mark for the ETN token price within three years.


Source: Trading view
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The next coin which is made into the list is Cardano(ADA). Cardano has remained one of the most discussed projects of 2021 due to its unique features. ADA has an ROI of more than 7000% and has been 200% up since the JAN 2021. Cardano is ready to roll out the smart contracts which can push the price beyond $10. ADA has also been active in the supply chain market which can prove to be another Gem In The Crown. The analyst predicts an unprecedented growth of the ADA blockchain in the future


Source: Trading view

The last coin which has a potential for a long sustainability and gains is Litecoin. LTC is often called”Digital silver” because it has very similar traits to Bitcoin . It  has maintained a lower transaction fees since its inception along with the other features. These things has maintained Litecoin as the King of Alt Season. LTC has always lead the path of the other coins into the alt season. It will again do the same in the upcoming alt season. The analyst predicts that the coin has a potential to reach a $2000 mark in upcoming years. The current downtrend has given a discount on the LTC price to jump on.


The coins above mentioned are based on their current value and trend. This may or may not reach the expected mark in the stipulated time. There are also other coins which can see a gain of more than 100X in the future. One should do their due diligence before investing.

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Adarsh Singh
Adarsh singh is an Stock market and financial market advisor trader with background in Engineering. He specialises in Technical Analysis while possessing strong computational skills.

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