Canadian business publicly lists themselves as the first ever Lightning Network; LQwD expands opportunities with a built Bitcoin blockchain network

  • Canadian business becomes the first ever publicly listed company that supports Lightning Network services
  • Blockchain technology continues to open opportunities for the financial sector
  • Bitcoin blockchain network is used by LQwD to ease down payment procedures globally

Bitcoin adoption is changing the global economy and the financial methodology that nations all across the world are currently using. For a currency to fully operate in the market, it must fulfill the functions of three parties in an economy, the Government, the public and the businessmen. Only a few countries have achieved the support of all of the three together, for example El Salvador. Canada might be the next suitor for cryptocurrency after El Salvador. 

Canadian business built on Bitcoin network gets publicly listed

A Canadian venture that wants to act as a catalyst for Bitcoin adoption in the economy becomes the first ever publicly listed Lightning Network company. LQwD accelerates the Bitcoin trend across the globe by providing technologically advanced opportunities to the masses in finance. The company is a layer two network built on the Bitcoin blockchain. It plans to sustain the most advanced infrastructure and technology development for enterprises that support the future growth of companies. It provides cheap and fast payments to facilitate liquidity of enterprises. 

LQwD claims to be the future of monetary networks with an ongoing functioning and growth of the blockchain network. Even the Musk tweet suggests that for Bitcoin to increase its scalability, a two layered solution provided by a Lightning Network like LQwD is required. 

LQwD to promote more swift transactions and moving of value

Along with imprinting a large footprint in the Lightning Network, LQwD also wants to help businesses grow financially through technology. Digital assets have become de facto investments for the long run. To move transactions from one spot to another at a quick pace, Lightning Network is the only system that can promote that. It is the monetary system of the future with bearing minimum costs as well. Lightning Network is claimed to be the most effective, fastest and strongest network that can move value effortlessly. 

These new businesses that are getting publicly listed open a wide array of opportunities for the global financial sector. Financial services, payments and transactions can be made more secure and strong using the services provided by the LQwD’s platform on the Bitcoin blockchain.

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