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London Blockchain Conference: Integration Of Enterprise, AI And Web3

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London Blockchain
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The London Blockchain Conference 2024 (#LDNBlockchain24) is to be held from May 21st to 23rd at ExCeL London, 1 Western Gateway, Royal Victoria Dock, London, E16 1XL. The location is reachable via all the popular modes of transport.

This year’s theme of the conference is – “No Future Without Blockchain Technology.” The campaign began on April 17 with the announcement of the London Blockchain Conference with the title “No Future Campaign.

The event is expected to witness the presence of 5000+ attendees in person and 7000+ attendees virtually across 3 days. There will be more than 150 speakers and 30 exhibitors. Out of the total attendees, 500+ will be CEOs, 100+ will be founders and co-founders, 100+ managing directors and 50+ investors.

With the wide range of attendees, the attendees will get access to valuable information to secure their standing in the space.

The bold and enlightening narrative theme of the campaign was to initially confront the audience with a long lasting question of no future and the question has a hidden statement for “without blockchain.” That is, the organizers are highlighting the importance of blockchain in the future of finance, healthcare, real estate and gaming. 

This is aimed at creating a strong narrative surrounding blockchain technology by challenging perceptions and promoting conversations. The objective of the conference is to build a gateway to secure a stake in the future and unlock the potential of blockchain technology.

The conference will witness the presence of politicians, business leaders and innovators. The focus of the conference will be on disruptive and real-world applications of blockchain technology and its impact on politics, emerging technologies and enterprises.

Agenda of the Conference

It will delve into cutting-edge technology space, the focus will be beyond the traditional applications of blockchain technology. Discussions will be held around the relationship between AI, Web3 and enterprise blockchain. It will unfold its transformative impact on multiple industries.

The group of speakers will bring in years of expertise through their enlightening words, specially designed to promote listeners’ careers and elevate their businesses in the evolving landscape. The event will immerse attendees in the convergence of blockchain, AI and Web3. It will uncover innovative ideas that has potential to reshape the future of enterprises.

Outline for Tuesday, May 21st
Technical Insights: Blockchain Infrastructure and Development

The event will begin at 8:00 BST and will have the following events during the day:

  • Blockchain 101: Introduction to Blockchain Infrastructure
  • The RockWallet Journey- Evolving from DeLorean to Tesla
  • Cybersecurity Future: Blockchain’s Role in Enhanced Security
  • The importance of microspace in the Web3 revolution
  • The Powerful Pairing of AI and Blockchain
  • Blockchain Technology- Powering the Future of Finance
  • Web3 for a Better World: Discussion on blockchain industry sustainability use cases of Vechain and BCG
  • What if your blockchain is different to mine?
  • Accelerating Impact: Unveiling BlockDojo’s Transformative Journey and Alumni Insights
  • How Teranode delivers Blockchain scaling for Enterprise use
  • Tokenization and the Wine Industry
  • RWA: Inviting +8 Billion people to Join the New Water Economy
  • Peering into Tomorrow: Can We Embed Computational Compliance in the Fabric of Financial Technology Infrastructure?
  • Public or Private Blockchains – How to evaluate which is best for your business
  • Blockchain – The truth behind the hype
  • Smart Contract Development
  • The Future of Intellectual Property: Leveraging Blockchain to Protect your Most Valuable Assets Faster, Cheaper, and Easier
  • Elevate your financial experience with MyBanka
  • BSV Association’s blueprint for a better world
  • Building the Machine-to-Machine based “Internet of Value”
  • Building the Machine-to-Machine based “Internet of Value”
  • Solving blockchain’s Interoperability challenges
  • Building a Superapp for the Unbanked on Web3 Technology
  • Establishing Trust in AI : Blockchain

The above stated topics surround blockchain, AI and Web3 integration in multiple industries and their impact on enterprises.

Outline for Wednesday, May 22nd

From Bits to Business: Industry Case Studies and Practical Applications

The day will begin with a surprise guest keynote and the guest is expected to be a renowned member of the industry.

  • Universal Plastic and Next-Gen Verification: Blockchain, AI, and Social Engagement
  • Blockchain Applications in Fashion and Luxury
  • Exploring the Future of Identity, Contracts and Assets on the MetaNet
  • The Role of Governments in Fostering Innovation
  • Digitalizing Tradition: Blockchain & AI in Maritime Matter More than You Think
  • Embedding sustainability at the heart of the Bitcoin ETF & ETN revolution
  • P2P Blockchain: Blockchain scaling with IPv6-based New Internet
  • Navigating the Digital Horizon – Unveiling Government and Legal Frameworks and Real-World Applications of Digital Assets and Tokenization
  • Introducing Power Meta Corp and its revolutionary platform, AI Factory
  • Introducing Power Meta Corp and its revolutionary platform, AI Factory
  • Massive live events: building audiences for 360 engagements with Web3 technology
  • Monetizing strategies for content creators in Web3
  • Navigating the Academic Landscape of Blockchain Research: Opportunities, Challenges, and Collaborative Initiatives
  • Breaking Barriers: Paving the Way for the UK to Emerge as a Global Digital Asset and Emerging Tech Hub
  • AI-Enhanced Blockchain: AI’s Role in Optimizing Blockchain Systems
  • Mining and Transaction Processing – How mining will evolve post halvening
  • Blockchain as an Enabling Technology: Navigating Regulatory Perspectives and Seizing Opportunities with Emerging Technologies
  • Block Dojo Alumni Demos
  • Money, Mindset & Mental Health
  • Unlocking Value: The Tokenization of Real World Assets
  • Blockchain-based digital vouchers as a key driver for Japanese regional tourism
  • Embracing the New Frontier: From FOMO to JOBO, A Journey Through Digital Ownership and Community Engagement
  • Decentralizing Healthcare – Joining the Dots
  • Proof of Work, Proof of Stake or Proof of Authority: Discover the Right Consensus Mechanism for Your Business
  • Recovery of lost and stolen Digital Assets
  • Best Practices for Enterprise Blockchain Adoption

The day will primarily discuss the integration of blockchain, AI and Web 3 in various enterprises and how it can change the functionalities for a better tomorrow.

Outline for Thursday, May 23rd

Investing in Blockchain: Venture Capital and Strategic Partnerships

  • The Intersection of Web3, AI, and Emerging Tech
  • On-ramping the middle market: Non-crypto native HNWIs
  • Private Stablecoins and on-chain digital payment solutions
  • Bridging the gap: making Web3 technologies user-friendly
  • A Collaborative Approach to CSR Integration
  • Is code law? – Rules applicable to blockchain networks
  • The Investor Perspective: Investing in Blockchain Start-ups & Scale-ups
  • Family Office Technology Investment Trends
  • Introduction to nChain Identity
  • State of Talent in Web3 – build a successful team in Web3
  • Supply chain optimization with blockchain
  • UGXC: Advancing Financial Inclusion in East Africa with the Uganda Shilling Stablecoin
  • Bringing Certainty to the Metaverse
  • Empowering Communities through Tokenization
  • Reimagining Roles: How regulated industry leaders are shaping the future of finance

The three day conference will provide enlightenment to the attendees, open the scope for innovation in the space and highlight the importance of these newly developed technologies.

Registration and Various Categories

Tickets are available on the official website and there are multiple categories available.

Networking Ticket

This ticket is available for £49. It is available for students, developers, tech enthusiasts and blockchain enthusiasts. It will give access to the exhibition hall and allow opportunities to build networks with other industry enthusiasts.

3-Day Ticket

This ticket is available for £399. It is preferable for IT managers, CTOs, CIOs and the blockchain implementers in businesses. It will give access to panel sessions and informal meetups to build the future of the industry.

VIP Ticket

This ticket is available for £799. This category is for C-level delegates, policymakers, key stakeholders, decision makers and investors. It will allow buyers to connect with other delegates, speakers and the priority special session.

Virtual Ticket

This ticket is priced at £99. This will allow buyers to join the event from anywhere. There are various discounts available for booking multiple tickets. (minimum of 3)

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