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An exclusive interview with Jayson Panopio

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1. About

What is Ijascode about and what problem are you aiming towards, to solve?

I –  represents YOU or WE or ANYONE
JAS – (Western Cape, South Africa) GREAT or SATISFACTORY
CODE – Your Idea or Message

Combine them all together – “I HAVE A GREAT MESSAGE”

Started September 28, 2017, in Oxnard, California USA. We are dedicated to provide INCENTIVIZED UTILITY TOKEN & BLOCKCHAIN-BASED ECOSYSTEM to any type of business by offering advanced, yet simple and affordable marketing solutions that promote and reward, effortlessly.

Ijascode 4 Major Branches:

  1. IjasApp Mobile Application
  2. IjasCoin Incentivized Utility Token
  3. IjasCode Initial Public Offerin Through SEC Reg. A+ Qualification / Wefunder
  4. IjasCode Sales and Marketing

Our Mission: 

– To reward everyone using IjasApp Mobile Application fueled by the latest Utility Cryptocurrency Token under the Ethereum Blockchain System.

– To help anyone, business owners, professionals, students or every person who wants to INCENTIVIZE their brilliant ideas through our Ijascode System, effortlessly.

– To serve as a VEHICLE for anyone looking for a unique business-model ecosystem to achieve their target goals faster, secured and very affordable.

– To become the company that truly cares and rewards people beyond their expectations.

Issues and Concerns We’re Trying To Get Resolved

  1. LACK OF FAIR DIGITAL INCENTIVIZED PROGRAM (FDIP) – Very limited ways for daily people like us to accumulate Tips or rewards for the things we do daily.
  2. TRADITIONAL & EXPENSIVE PAYMENT PROCESSING METHODS – Processing online or offline payment is often slow and costly.
  3. HIGH COMPETITION RESULTING TO LESS EXPOSURE – And because of the heavy competition in marketing and sales arena, we don’t get the exposure we used to enjoy. 
  4. AVAILABILITY OF A ONE-STOP-SHOP CENTRAL HUB PLATFORM – No place you can find where almost everything you need is available and will reward you for any transactions.
  5. MANY BUSINESS OWNERS ARE AFRAID & NOT EQUIPPED TO SHARE THEIR IDEAS – Lack of marketing experience & a lot of times, business owners are not using the  latest tools to share their promos.
  6. EXPENSIVE AND LIMITED ADVERTISING PLATFORM – The traditional way of promoting business still works, however it is very limited and expensive

2. Ideation

How did you realise that you need to come up with something like Ijascode and how did you ideate the whole process?

Back in 2009 when recession hit the USA and the rest of the world, I saw many businesses were closing, people getting laid off and the market was crashing. As they say, in the middle of the crisis, humanity always finds ways to get back on their feet, and I truly believe that was the main reason why somebody (whoever is Satoshi Nakamoto) realized we had to restart the economy by designing an alternative form of currency through an electronic peer-to-peer cash system called Bitcoin. 

That same year, I saw the need and the opportunity to have a special niche in terms of target marketing and combining it with Crypto. I said to myself If I can help many business owners or anyone by simply promoting their ideas wherever they go, they don’t have to say a word, way cheaper than the traditional marketing approach, and most of all anyone participating into each transaction will get rewarded with IjasCoin Utility Token, almost similar to Bitcoin but works as an Incentivized Ecosystem, then I can have a unique business. The main goal is to promote and help any type of business, any industry, mom and pop shops, freelancers or anyone that would like to incentivize their processes using a blockchain based reward program. See, there are tons of great business ideas but they just don’t have that kind of attractive, specially-designed and target marketing strategies. And on top of all that, advertising is very expensive and many local businesses are not operating online, and of course not everyone is equipped to do so. What if we expose anyone’s idea offline and online, reward both business owners and customers for any POA (Proof of Activities) that they normally do on a daily basis? What is the best way to attract more people to visit your business whether it is online or by walking into your storefront? Let’s pay them using IjasCoin Token!

3. Blockchain

Why did you host IJC on the blockchain of Ethereum despite its high gas fee?

Ethereum is infrastructure. It is a blockchain that is in its early days but has the potential to revolutionize many industries including Marketing and Incentivized Program, Finance and Technology.

There are more development options in Ethereum. Naturally, because Ethereum’s utility is limited only by the ingenuity of the world’s developers, there’s more activity surrounding the platform.

Yes, Gas Fee is a concern right now, but we believe that the Ethereum Team is on top of it and working on a better solution to address this subject.

4. Market Trends

Market as of Mid November isn’t doing so well, what would be your advice to young investors in these hard times?

This month of November, 2021 is just another month where the market goes up and down, but we have a very high confidence that everything is heading in the direction where it’s supposed to go…going up. 

While the concern is valid specially for new traders and investors, that Yes, some of the crypto assets can go to bearish trend particularly for those digital tokens that were designed with No to Zero significant use-case or purpose but to money-grab and go. 

However, with IjasCoin Token, rest assured that your IJC Utility assets are backed up by real people with integrity, real companies who use it on a daily basis, real products and services, and most importantly, IJC was designed to be utilized as an Incentivized Utility Token to build a better community, and not just for the benefit of a company.

5. Top Crypto

What are the factors one should look at, while deciding a good project to invest in?

Some of the MUST-look factors are the use-cases of the project, support and integrity of the team behind it, company’s credibility supported by documentation, the project must be under a secured ecosystem/blockchain, total supply of the asset, the future plans for the project and also always consider the timing because good project like ijasCoin can go hot quickly and taking part in the early stage is the key.


  1. When it comes to cryptocurrencies, one of the biggest challenges for investors is not getting caught up in the hype.
  2. Take time to learn about the different currencies on offer, in addition to researching blockchain technology.
  3. There are many primers on blockchain technology that are intended for a layperson to understand.

When you’re considering an investment, take the time to read the project’s white paper.

6. Uniqueness

What makes Ijascode different from other Blockchain driven Platforms?

Our platform can be plugged in with any industry without any conflict of interest. Our FREE mobile app under IOS/ANDROID, is allowing daily people like us to collect and mine IJC Tokens without buying those expensive crypto mining machines and break your wallet. 

Any POAs you do such as walking, visiting your favorite mom and pop shops, shopping online, sending ratings/reviews for our business partners, attending GeoEvents, monitoring your pets, and very soon just by watching online videos similar to youtube platform, you will get incentivized with IjasCoin. 

Given the fact that Ijascode has a big potential and is one of the disruptive technology companies, the main key thing with Ijascode is that we are the only company in Digital Incentivized Marketing and Crypto Space that has the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commissions) Regulation A+ Qualification, and this means a lot to us and for anyone who believe on what we do. We are regulated, credibility is our foundation, transparent and we have good intentions to run good business with anyone.

7. New Errands

Apart from all this, what are the projects you’re working on right now and where do you set the bars as of future?

We have multiple projects in progress right now such as:

  1. ijasMedia where you can watch favorite online video contents, similar to Youtube but this time you will get rewarded with IjasCoin.
  2. ijasPetcare – you can monitor your pets through our Proximity Miner device that sends BLE and GPS signals to our IjasApp about the status of your pet, and while under radar, it’s also mining IJC tokens and promoting your business, if you have one.
  3. ijasShop eCommerce – this is an up and running site but we are adding more great features here to make it more user-friendly and to accept some other tokens to attract more customers.
  4. Plug-in-Tokenized API – where anyone can customize how they want to use IjasCoin Token and incentivize their own business processes using our state of the art FREE IjasApp mobile application Ecosystem.
  5. We are in communication with other great exchanges to list our IjasCoin Tokens but so far we are in,,,, and

We don’t give any guarantees nor offer financial advice, but it is liberating with pride to say that we will be a billion dollar company in the near future and our IjasCoin price prediction is, be at least $1 before mid year 2022. IjasCode plan is to open in all countries in the foreseeable future. 

8. Benefits

What are the major benefits of using Ijascoin?

For Daily People or Platform Standard users:

  1. Mine and Earn Valuable Digital Utility Asset Called IjasCoin Token as Incentives For The Things We Do, Daily.
  2. With IjasApp, You Can Scan For Any Nearby Proximiner  Devices For Discounts or Coupons and Be Notified.
  4. Be Part of the IjasCode Community Within Which To Trade, Shop Online and  Get Paid For Many Proof-of-Activities We Normally Do In a Daily Basis!

For Entrepreneurs:

  1. Promote Your Ideas, Business, Website, Facebook Page, Youtube & Events, Anytime, Anywhere With The IjasCode Proximiners.
  2. Attract The Already Interested Potential Customers Through The The Power of 
  3. FREE Mobile App Called “IjasApp”.
  5. Save Tons of Money Using Our Very Unique Marketing Platform Where We  Tokenized Your Business & Incentivize Your Process And Make Your Customers Happy!

9. Future

What is the future of Cryptocurrencies and DeFi in terms of use cases, according to you?

As many of us have predicted, cryptocurrencies will help make payment systems more efficient.

One reason cryptocurrencies could make payments more efficient is because they can allow for quick and transparent cross-border financial transactions, and we see the tsunami take over of Crypto assets because of these reasons.

Typical cryptocurrencies, like bitcoin, are decentralized. And unlike stablecoins, these other cryptocurrencies are not backed by any reserve asset. Most times, their value is derived from supply and demand, and that’s why we truly believe that the future for IjasCoin is brighter because IJC is backed up by great tangible and valuable assets, great talents,  and a solid company like Ijascode.

As far as use-case for Crypto and DeFi, sky’s the limit, but here are some of them:

  1. Asset Management. 
  2. Complying to AML and CFT Measurements through KYT Mechanism.
  3. Decentralized Autonomous Organizations or DAOs.
  4. Analytics and Risk Management Tools.
  5. Derivatives and Synthetic Assets.
  6. The Network Effect of Infrastructure Tooling. 
  7. Improved Digital Identity. 
  8. Insurance.

10. Relevancy

Do you think Blockchain and DeFi could evolve better, specially in terms of security, to stay relevant in next 20-30 years, ateast?

I think that Blockchain and Defi will definitely get better in many aspects and one of them is security. The mass involvement of many smart people from different age brackets, and the opportunity to change many lives for good are the keys here to unleash the full potential of the Crypto industry, if we all work together. 

I think 20 years from now, 1 Bitcoin should be at least $250,000, 1 Ethereum between $190,000 to $200,000 valuation, IjasCoin at its better value around $50,000 per Token, and when we have that kind of power and financial stability in the palm of our hands, we have to come up with a better solution to secure these types of assets. Great potential comes with great risks and responsibilities.

11. Conclusion

What would you like to tell the readers of this interview, on a final note?

Learn everything you can about Blockchain, Crypto, Defi, Stablecoin, NFTs and other related stuff because the way I see it, this is the best and only way, once in a lifetime opportunity, and the biggest wealth distribution of our generation right now. Can I guarantee anything, absolutely not, but as what the trending portrays, there is no other way but going UP from here. 

Invest smarter, don’t fall into hype, always read whitepaper and never invest with your emotion. 

There are tons of good projects out there, and one of them is IjasCoin Incentivized Utility Token backed up by a solid USA based company IjasCode HandsOff System.

If you want to know more and interested, please visit our main sites, and

And always remember, Buy Low and Sell High!

Download our App for getting faster updates at your fingertips.


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