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Deepcoin CEO, Ego Peng in an Exclusive Interview With The Coin Republic

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Deepcoin CEO
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Meet the brains behind the cryptocurrency derivatives exchange platform, Deepcoin, Ego Peng!

We recently connected with the CEO of Deepcoin Exchange, Ego Peng, for an insightful and personal interview to help dedicated users and people interested in checking out Deepcoin to become more familiar with him. In this interview, Ego speaks about everything that led him to build Deepcoin. He also provided good insights about significant changes coming to Deepcoin and what we are to expect in the future.

QUESTION: Where did you grow up? How influential was that place for you?

ANSWER: I grew up partially in China and partially in Canada. So I have a blended Eastern and Western mindsets. It taught me a lot about teamwork and individuality. On one hand, everybody relied on collective knowledge to evolve and work together. On the other hand,  breeding can offer creativeness and a myriad of thinking. So it was like wisdom for me to develop and understand how I can bring people together. 

QUESTION: Did people address you by any other name? Why?

ANSWER: Not really,t, actually, but I call myself Ego because I read Sigmund Freud and his theories and research were full of wisdom. Ego represents your will to live, and it’s your internal driving force to keep evolving and growing.

QUESTION: What were you the best in school at? What were you the worst in school at?

ANSWER: My favorite subjects were history and philosophy. I enjoy contemplating the questions you draw from philosophy to analyze a problem. History reminds you of a broader time and space, and you can always learn from past mistakes to better inform decisions . I was not fond of classes involving manual mathematical drawings or tasks that a computer can do faster than a human. Like memorizing the digits in pi; it seems pointless with quantum computers working now. 

QUESTION: What field were you working in before stepping into blockchain and crypto? Why did you choose blockchain? 

ANSWER: I served as a product manager in a large internet organization, then became a co-founder of a cryptocurrency hedge fund. Initially, in the encryption of hedge funds, we found many exchanges available in the market, but less user-friendly products. There was a scarcity of innovation and imagination. So we built an exchange that feels enjoyable to us, and thankfully, others are also enjoying it. 

QUESTION: What values are at the heart here?

ANSWER: I consider knowledge and development are vital for all. My endeavour is to be a teacher first; A leader to guide you to discover and utilize the tools in life that you are offered to succeed. Altruism at heart is the key to a happy life.

QUESTION: What makes you distinct from other entrepreneurs?

ANSWER: Well, this is hard actually, I can’t really say I’m that different! There are folks around me to help me and the company. Hard work and dedication count as well. As a product manager with extensive industry experience and a love for trading, I see a product that I admire, and I believe that folks will admire these innovations too.

QUESTION: What are some of your hobbies and interests? Did they make you a better professional?

ANSWER: I am a people person, I enjoy conversing with friends and professionals over a good meal, listening to others’ needs and drives. It’s helpful in assessing how I can best help a friend or colleague. Of course, playing with my lil boy is a great joy to me as well!

QUESTION: Do you think you have whatever it takes to succeed as an entrepreneur?

ANSWER: Fortunately Deepcoin is not my initial venture as an entrepreneur. To conquer, you need to assess the strength of a good team, and I think we are successful in this, good momentum is behind us. current momentum is flourishing. On the flipside, altruism for your creation is vital. Compared with the booming market and business, prime concern is whether extraordinary innovative experiences are there with value for our users. If you work hard, success will follow to advance society and not just wealth. Success to me, is not beating the competition, but creating unique value.

QUESTION: What is your greatest strength and weakness as an entrepreneur?

ANSWER: Strength – Idealism drives a lot of my decisions. But I’m quick to learn from mistakes and grow.  Weakness – Idealism. 

QUESTION: What remains the greatest barrier so far while starting Deepcoin? What is it in your life?

ANSWER: Our biggest challenge has been assessing how to deal with new challenges that arise with growing the company, while at the same time maintaining close contact with users and continuous in-depth understanding of the industry. Maintaining that time and energy is exhausting!

QUESTION: What makes Deepcoin standalone to other derivatives exchanges? 

ANSWER: Well, first, no KYC for trading currently. Also, our app is user friendly and a cluster of innovative tools to aid professionals in decision making and assist them in tackling risks.  There are plethora of chart options like stacking and on the chart trading to offer a substantive experience. Also, there are over 100 coins which are booming as we look to bring more partners and tokens to really “wow” the market. We want to give people a crypto exchange that’s not only safe and efficient but innovative and reliable in the long run for their portfolios.

QUESTION: How do you see the industry’s evolution? What do you think about the future of Deepcoin?

ANSWER: Blockchain is not just an evolution of internet technology, but building a new order for human civilization. It is believed that blockchain will blend in practically within daily lives. In the short term, we believe that Deepcoin is a tool that will boost your decision making for investing in crypto. In the long term, we believe that Deepcoin will be a comprehensive digital financial portal and act as a gateway for users to experience blockchain/web3/metaverse.

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