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MOSHNAKE Top Lists of Cryptocurrencies That Can Increase Your Wealth Alongside SOLANA and THORCHAIN.

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If you’re willing to increase your wealth in the crypto market, you should consider crypto assets with the potential for a profitable bull market run in the coming months. Top market analysts have tipped Moshnake (MSH), Solana (SOL), and ThorChain (RUNE) as altcoins with huge potential for a great run, which could increase your wealth in the long run. Although these crypto assets differ in use cases, their high possibility of price when the bear rally is over is a common trait they share. We look into crypto assets and how they can improve your wealth below.

Solana (SOL)

Solana is a constantly improving Blockchain network with thousands of DApps and crypto-related projects deployed on it. The decentralized network’s speed is its major selling point, as it remains one of the fastest blockchains. Solana provides developers with needed resources and supports to build and develop top projects in major sectors in the cryptosphere, especially in DeFi, NFTs, and  Web3 areas.

Besides its speed, users and developers on Solana enjoy high scalability, low costs, and optimum security. It boasts a great community with various opportunities, including being a validator to earn passive income. Solana (SOL) has a good bull market track record. The top crypto assets was at an all-time low of $0.5 in 2020, before an impressive price surge to a peak price of $260.06 a year later, during a bull rally that saw it increase people’s net worth by multifold in 2021.

The current year hasn’t been the same story for Solana, but it will be hoping to replicate its great bull run in the previous year when the crypto winter finally leaves the market. Purchasing now could be an avenue to improve your wealth when the cryptocurrency rallies towards the $100 market price in the coming months.

ThorChain (RUNE)

Over the years, ThorChain has remained one of the best-decentralized liquidity protocols that allow users to fund its liquidity pool with native crypto assets to earn yields. It also permits seamless cross-chain swapping of these crypto assets, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, BNB, and BCH. The network’s team of developers integrates different innovative technologies to ensure optimum functionality and ensure it can compete with any other blockchain platform launched in the future.

RUNE (the network’s native token) functions as a governance token while playing a huge role in the network’s security. It can be staked to earn incentives and used as transaction fees. ThorChain (RUNE) surpassed the $20 price point during the last bull run, reaching a peak price of $21.26. Currently, it’s among the crypto assets to have suffered over a 90% price decrease in this bear market. ThorChain’s potential to rise makes this low price an opportunity to improve your wealth when the bull market finally arrives.

Moshnake (MSH)

Unlike Solana and ThorChain, Moshnake is a new cryptocurrency with huge potential to be the next big thing in the GameFi space. Moshnake (MSH) facilitates governance, transactions, and reward on its blockchain-game network. It is the medium of exchange while trading on the P2E game’s internal marketplace, while the game’s other token, Venom (VEN), is used to pay an access fee and other required payments in the game.

The Moshnake game is a snake-themed NFT game that follows the gameplay of the conventional snake game on Nokia mobile phones years back. Moshnake will bring the game back while leveraging Blockchain technology and NFTs to make it more fun, rewarding, and modern. The game will have many in-game items that give you an edge over your opponents (in the player-vs-player mode) in the battle royale arena.

These in-game items can also be a source of earning the Moshnake token when you sell them in the game’s marketplace. The P2E game is built on the BNB smart chain, connected to top CEXs, making it easy to turn earned Moshnake tokens into real money. The blockchain makes it a fast and cost-effective game too.

Moshnake is one of the best presale tokens to buy currently due to its increasing adoption and popularity, as well as the potential for an unprecedented price surge during its first bull market run. Find out more about Moshnake and its presale:




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