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FixedFloat Crypto Exchange Review 2022 

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Having made a showing only in 2018, FixedFloat, a relatively new yet burgeoning crypto exchange, is going stronger with each passing day as a result of the various exciting and available features it offers to its trading users. These include highly affordable fees, ease of use and handy interface, and quick transactions that outstandingly mark the platform from its competitors. 


FixedFloat is an almost young yet fast-thriving crypto exchange platform that continues to make a mark in the crypto world with its broad array of remarkable features and one-of-a-kind functionalities. One of the highlights of the platform is that it lets users remain anonymous comprehensively. Also, like other crypto exchange platforms, FixedFloat does not cause its users to sign up with its website necessarily. To put it simply, using their first-rate automated system, users can simply start exchanging their specific cryptocurrency for another by paying only a trivial amount of fee.

Features of FixedFloat

FixedFloat offers a wide spectrum of ultimate features that are sure to appeal to every trading user readily.  Here are a few salient features:

Regular interface: FixedFload has installed a regular and plain interface for its burgeoning cryptocurrency investors and traders in order that they can buy, sell and exchange crypto assets they have via its handy and thoroughly automated platform. 

Quick trading: All transactions at the platform typically take place at a very high speed thoroughly in an automatic mode and without costing a fortune.

Fixed and float orders: The exchange, in general, offers two types of orders – Fixed and Float that furnish its users with options on what the implementation price will be. 

Superb Privacy: The exchange is committed to providing its users with the best privacy, which implies that customers need not feel concerned about their personal data at all.

Ironclad Security: The platform deploys 2-Factor Authentication (2FA) to keep users’ assets safe. 

24/7 technical customer support: FixedFloat offers the world-class and 24/7 technical customer support to its customers.

Lightning Network: FixedFloat offers ultimate Bitcoin’s layer 2 solution, Lightning Network, to accelerate speed and cut down the monetary value of transactions.

Benefits of using the platform:

1. No need to sign up with the platform compulsorily- only if you want to keep a tab on the history of exchanges

2. Level best exchange speed as a result of the full automation

3. Fixed Float is available with the exception of custodial. The platform does not store user coins

4. Highly affordable fees for trading and exchanging various cryptocurrencies 

5. Enormous savings on the withdrawal fees for small amounts of exchange.

6. You can transfer funds to other users via hot wallets

7. They keep the privacy of our customers to the fullest and do not ask for KYC

8. They have a one-of-a-kind affiliate program 

9. 24/7 and world-class technical support

10. FixedFloat offers a huge selection of cryptocurrencies for exchange, including Lightning Network

11. A mass of satisfied customers and numerous positive reviews posted on Trustpilot, Bestchange, etc.

How The Platform Works?

FixedFloat offers a couple of options to the users — fixed and floating rates

By opting for fixed rates, there will not be any fluctuations in the assets for the next 10 minutes. 

While going for floating rate, users had to deal with market fluctuations.

In short, user can easily exchange one BTC for around 14 ETH in fixed rates, while floating rates allows them to exchange the asset for value revolving around 14 ETH.


FixedFloat is the world’s first crypto exchange in the crypto sector to support deposits and withdrawals using Bitcoin’s layer-2 solution, Lightning Network. It has crystal clear affordable pricing with no unexpected fees and world-class customer support services to iron out all the issues customers face. That being said, the crypto platform is every inch worth signing up. 

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