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Altimmune Inc. (ALT stock) – Bad Drug Trial News Weighs it Down

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  • Altimmune’s drug to treat obesity had adverse effects on subjects. 
  • Positive trail reports were reported just a few hours earlier. 

Altimmune shares dropped almost 52.43% after reports of negative side effects of obesity drug trials surfaced, raising serious questions. Just hours after the clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company announced positive results from the week-24 interim analysis of their obesity drug, the news of adverse events regarding the drug trials emerged, causing a massive drop. 

Altimmune – Obesity Drug Weighs Heavy On Company?

Founded in 1997, with headquarters in Gaithersburg, Maryland, United States, Altimmune focuses on developing novel peptide-based therapeutics for treating liver diseases and obesity.

Recent reports noted that although patients’ weight lowered by 10%, serious side effects were reported for the phase-2 obesity drug in trials – Pemvidutide. Mainly, the complaints were about nausea and vomiting; some subjects reported dehydration and required quick rehydration in some serious cases.

Reportedly, the discontinuation rates for the tests were 24% in the subjects who received Pemvidutide. In comparison, the group which received a placebo for trial purposes recorded a dropout rate of 28%.

Altimmune Inc., (ALT) – The Side Effects on Numbers

When writing, Altimmune stock was trading at $5.24, with a massive drop of 52.11%. Previous close and open were at $10.92 and $6.85, respectively. At the same time, the fifty-two-week change was a gain of 56.22%. The volume was 8.31 million shares, and the average volume was 1.33 million shares.

Compared to the data from December 2022, revenue dropped by 103.36% from negative $110,000, operating expenses gained 0.74% from $3.81 million, and the operating margin was up by a whopping 128,902.94%. Return on assets and equity dropped by 25.73% and 44.07%, respectively. 

On a quarterly basis, net income gained 9.33% from negative $21.66 million, while the net profit margin jumped by 2,801.12% from $19.69K. In comparison, the Earnings Per Share (EPS) gained 22.81% from negative $0.44.

Altimmune Inc. (ALT) – Candle Exploration

The impact of negative news on the price of a stock is evident. A massive drop — a prominent gap down, is displayed after news of the trials came  out. However, the current rate is supposed to be protected by the new at S1 which is at the $3.88 mark. But will it be able to prevent further losses? It can’t be said for sure.

S1 can be a strong support, but the seriousness of the news and its potential impact on the market will decide its strength. The price will test the $9.67 mark before climbing up and might consolidate between S1 and that mark for a considerable amount of time. It is too early to predict the impact of the news.


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