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Zillow Group (ZG stock) – Can it Slow the Housing Market?

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ZG stock
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A recent drop in the growth rate of home prices may not be good news for Zillow Group (ZG). Home prices are tracked by S&P CoreLogic Case-Shiller Home Price Indices, which says that the index fell considerably and adjusted to 0.2% from December 2022. This point is close to zero and is bad news for industries associated with real estate. 

Zillow Group (ZG) – Financial Health Analysis

Debt can never be good for a company, and studies show that Zillow Group had a debt of around $1.70 billion in December 2022. This amount is up from $1.43 billion last year. Per their balance sheets, they have $270.0 million in liabilities within a year and $1.81 billion due after that. While the receivable amount of 3.36 billion and $72 million in a year. 

Essentially, Zillow Group has $1.35 billion more liquid assets than liabilities. Short-term liquidity indicates that the liabilities can be paid soon.

Zillow Group – A briefer

Founded in December 2004 and headquartered in Seattle, Washington, US, Zillow Group (NASDAQ: ZG) provides real-estate and home-related information marketplaces on the web and mobile. They operate through segments like Internet, Media and Technology (IMT), Homes and Mortgages. 

Zillow Group (ZG) – The Number Game

When writing, Zillow Group (NASDAQ: ZG) was trading at $41.63, with a drop of 0.64% when the previous close and opening were at $41.90 and $41.58, respectively. The market cap for the real estate domain company was $9.903 billion, with an average volume of 462,956 shares. Analysts have placed the price target at $44.30 with an upside of 6.4%.

Source: ZG; MarketBeat

With a 2.44 analyst rating for HOLD and a healthy short interest of 2.94%, floats sold short; the 52-week change comes with a drop of 18.66%. Concerning data for December 2022, the revenue dropped by 18.69% from $435.00 million, while revenue per share was $8.09, and there was a fall of 18.70% in the quarterly revenue growth. 

Operating expenses grew 5.81% from $419.00 million, and Net income was negative $72.00 million and gained 72.41%; in comparison, the net profit margin jumped by 66.07% from negative $16.55. Earnings per Share massively gained 147.78% from $0.20. The EBITDA ratings were hiked by 175.68% from negative $56.00 million. 

The last earnings were reported on February 15, 2023, where estimated revenue was $414.516 million, while it was reported to be $435 million (a gain of $20.484 million or  4.94%). The next earnings are scheduled on May 4, 2023, with an estimated revenue of $425.731 million.

Zillow Group (ZG) – Candle Exploration

A bullish trend, denoted by an upward-sloping trend line, is stopped by a sideways-moving average line. The current price point for Zillow Group is close to the trend line, moving towards immediate support (I_S) at $38.71, and could cross to enter the demand zone. 

Source: ZG; TradingView

If the Fed rates are revised (lowered or maintained), real estate market sentiments are reversed, or a piece of good news appears, the price may increase to the immediate resistance (I_R) present at $44.44. However, if the price could move across R1 toward R2, it would depend on many variables.    


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