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MakerDAO planned artificial intelligence governance’s ENDGAME

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MakerDAO unveils AI-fueled roadmap to new blockchain
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On May 11, MakerDAO launched a governance mechanism using AI and crypto tokens with a new brand.

AI backed up blockchain by MakerDAO

The creator of MakerDAO, Rune Christensen, said in a forum post that AI technologies would provide a “governance equilibrium” that would guide progress.

The Maker governance token (MKR) and the Dai stablecoin (DAI) will be combined under a new brand thanks to a number of the anticipated features that will be connected to new tokens.

The upgrade will leverage artificial intelligence (AI) techniques and apply them to “open, scalable processes” in order to “enhance efficiency, resilience, and participation.” The project’s short-term objective is to take the top spot among stablecoin projects in three years.

What is Endgame 

Endgame establishes a solid governance equilibrium that for SubDAOs to expand without restriction and for simultaneous product development to take place in an ecosystem that is driven by the needs of the community.

The short-term goal of Endgame is to expand to become the largest and most popular stablecoin project within three years, and from there to guarantee that the growth is anchored in a vibrant, autonomous DAO economy that makes sure it will keep expanding at any rate without endangering the stable governance equilibrium.

Launch phases

  1. Endgame Beta Launch

Within a few months, Endgame will release its first product, with the goal of creating a new, cohesive brand for the ecosystem.

In the world of cryptocurrencies, Maker and Dai are well-known and reputable companies. Sadly, they have flaws, such as having two distinct brands rather than a single, unified idea. 

A complete redesign and new website that accurately conveys and reflects the Endgame concept of creating durable and parallelized governance via AI-assisted procedures to safeguard the future of stablecoins and DAOs would be excellent to address this core problem throughout the Endgame transition.

  1. SubDAOs Launch 

The primary Endgame product rollout follows after the Beta rollout and includes the introduction of the first six Maker SubDAOs and associated NewStable token farms. Within MakerDAO, SubDAOs operate as born-decentralized, specialized units. They create their own distinct governance frameworks that facilitate decision-making, specialization, and fast parallelized development.

MakerDAO greatly reduces the burden and complexity that Maker Governance must handle by giving day-to-day complexity to SubDAOs. SubDAOs’ major responsibilities are to maintain decentralized frontends and acquire users.

  1. AI Tool Launch for Governance 

The Maker Ecosystem will start to build up its production-grade AI technologies for governance monitoring and enhancement after the introduction of the SubDAOs.

The Alignment Artifacts are uniform data structures that encapsulate all the principles, guidelines, procedures, and knowledge of the whole MakerDAO ecosystem. They serve as governance rulebooks. The information has been enhanced for usage with the specialist Governance AI Tools, which can edit, enhance, compile, and decipher the Alignment Artifacts. Artificial intelligence (AI) techniques are used to level the playing field between deeply ingrained insiders and less influential community members.

  1. Governance Incentive Launch

The Sagittarius Lockstake Engine (SLE) will be ready to deploy after the governance ecosystem has mastered controlling the DAO with the Governance AI Tools.

By locking up their NewGovTokens, the SLE encourages holders to take an active role in governance.

This kind of engagement in governance is similar to the well-known method and is carried out via a user-friendly, gamified frontend for simple access.

  1. NewChain Launch

The last phase in the Endgame launch process will be the deployment of NewChain, after which MakerDAO will permanently enter the Endgame State, whereby additional significant modifications are impractical and its fundamental operations and power structure remain autonomous, decentralized, and unalterable.

Nevertheless, DAI, which boasts a market worth of $4.6 billion and a 24-hour volume of $165 million, is among the top five stablecoins by both metrics. As a result, it will probably continue to be important even if it doesn’t beat out its rivals.

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