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Top 5 Stocks That Michael Burry Recommends For Best Returns 

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MICHAEL BURRY top 5 stocks choices
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Popularly known as a “Big Short” investor, Michael James Burry is an icon for many market enthusiasts. By profession, he is a physician as well as a hedge fund manager. He gained popularity after becoming one of the first few investors who speculated and profited from the subprime mortgage crisis in the US.  His investment career began when he founded the hedge fund Scion Capital in 2000.

After running it for 8 years successfully, he shut it down to focus on his personal investments. Being a successful investor, Burry has a massive following among the investors’ circles. With market insights and experience, he has helped many market participants. For the year 2023, he has already made a list of selected investments that he recommends to others.

Stocks That Michael Burry Wants Investors to Invest in

With the following recommendations, investors can certainly make lots of profits. 

1. Aerojet Rocketdyne Holdings

Aerojet closed its first quarter by adding 132,561 shares to its portfolio. According to the quarterly report, the rocket engine developer added 12.8% to its valuation. On top of all that, the stocks gained 22.8% and emerged as clear winners among their contemporaries. Although the company registered slow sales during the last few years, it grew by 16% in the last quarter. 

2. Charter Communications

Burry has himself invested in the company with an investment of 10,000 shares. It is an emerging telecommunications company with some promising growth prospects. It has shown a stellar performance in the last quarter and shed some fears of the investors. The year started with a slump in share prices but it soon recovered in some time. Some industry experts have also predicted its exponential growth. 

3. Liberty Latin America Ltd.

Another telecommunications provider that has become a favorite of Burry. During the first quarter, its prices have shown an upward trend. They also have continued the growth chart from the last year. Also, the company registered strong sales in various sections. By offering a solid cash flow yield, the entity impressed its investors too. It also promoted some hedge funds and helped them make profits. 

4. Coherent Corp.

Coherent Corp. manufactures lasers, sensors, and optics for the commercial industry. It did exceptionally well in the last quarter and leveled up in the charts. With the consensus rating, the company has maintained an impressive rating for sales, purchases, and holdings. Its 52-week low/high data has got investors excited about the future performance. The forecast by agencies also indicates the company’s progress,

5. Cigna

The healthcare company has impressed Burry with both its growth prospects and past performance. Going by the consensus rating, the shares have done tremendously well in sales, purchases, and holdings. Based on the current price, it has ensured growth and an uptick in its stock price. According to the forecast, the company will go up the ladder of success in the next few months.


Market insights enable investors to strategize their investments. When it is combined with guidance from a celebrated investor, things get even better. That’s why following Michael Burry’s list makes sense. With the help of his guidance, the market participants can make huge profits in the short as well as long term.  

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