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Exploring DEXTools and its Functionality for Digital Asset Users

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Exploring DEXTools and its Functionality for Digital Asset Users
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The growing dominance of decentralized exchanges has necessitated the usage of some specific tools for trading. The crypto sector is more volatile than any other financial domain. Thus, keeping track of coins and evaluating their performance becomes an uphill task. Thankfully, the users of DEXs like PancakeSwap have some innovative tools at their disposal. 

They have DEX market analysis tools that give them a comprehensive view of the market. Using these platforms, digital asset investors can perform a detailed analysis of their cryptos and the market. DEXTools is one of those analysis tools that have gained huge popularity among traders.

It is a major platform which every trader, especially the newbies, should know about. 

DEXTools: Detailed Insights

DEXTools was launched in 2020 on Testnet by two well-versed traders, Frederic and Javier. Soon after that, a large number of crypto investors became fond of it. The platform promoted the adoption of DeFi trading with many features and high-end functionality.

Apart from giving tools to perform analysis, it provides traders with real-time and reliable updates. The platform consistently works according to community feedback and also introduces new initiatives. DEXTools creates an ecosystem that enables traders to track decentralized markets to the fullest. 

While providing information and conducive tools, it makes trading quite easy for investors. The platform also comes with its native token called DEXT which lets users access other important features. Users can access premium trading services by paying the subscription fee. They also get exclusive access to initiatives like DEXT Force Ventures.

It brings so many features that make both analysis and trading easier than ever. 

Notable Features of DEXTools

With these features, DEXTools users explore various aspects of trading and make it fruitful.

Pool Explorer

Using this feature, traders find out the most trending and promising pools. Its analysis mechanism makes finding pairs very easy for traders. While exploring the pools, the users can assess the liquidity trends. On a single interface, they can gain information on different tokens, regarding whether they are bearish or bullish. It makes the verification of pools’ liquidity data easier than ever. 

Pair Explorer

Pair Explorer helps traders track the history and price movements of digital assets. It displays the real-time details of cryptos and facilitates the making of buying/selling strategy. Moreover, it makes trading bots available to both standard and premium users. 

P&L Tracking Feature

With this feature, traders can track their position on all the available altcoins. It is particularly very useful for investors dealing with farming pools. This built-in feature gives a detailed account of users’ trading journey. By viewing this, traders can make better decisions and adopt better strategies for buying/selling coins.

Big Swaps

This allows traders to track the big traders who are also known as crypto whales. This feature is very helpful in saving oneself from manipulative moves by influential investors. It helps them track the whales’ movements and carefully plan their next steps.


Notifications are important for alerting traders about the big events in the crypto space. They could be related to the price movements of digital assets or something else. Users can easily set up notifications and keep themselves abreast of all the updates.  


It enables traders to monitor multiple trading pairs seamlessly. It increases the accessibility of the platform’s tools and amps up the exposure to the market. When done skillfully, they can make significant profits with its help.


It’s the native token of DEXTools which gives a chance to traders to make profits. The token has attained the #681 ranking with a circulating supply of 98,053,798. At the time of writing, it is trading at $0.280455. 

DEXT Share

DEXT share is a significant token-sharing model for the DEXTools ecosystem. It determines how many tokens to reserve and how many are to be used in operations. With access to this tool, users get a fair idea of the protocol’s inside information. It is particularly helpful for investors who are trying to gain passive income through the platform.

DEXT Price Prediction

This gives insights into the token’s internal activities. Using this feature, traders can know about the growth prospects of the DEXTools protocol. It also gives them updates about an active burning mechanism that disposes of some tokens in a timely manner. This is done to maintain the supply and demand of the tokens. 

Final Thoughts

DEXTools is one of the crypto market analysis tools that has gained huge popularity in the crypto space. It is promoting the adoption of the DeFi market and its services. The best thing is that users can access this platform for free. Of course, the paid users enjoy more privileges, but still, the exposure to analytics is a great experience. 

Given the current circumstances, this community-based platform has bright prospects for the future. Nevertheless, the DeFi space is emerging, volatile, and unpredictable at the moment. If the industry continues to grow, then DEXTools will most probably also continue to grow. 

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