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Mintel Launches Innovative AI Market Intelligence: Mintel Leap

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Mintel, a leading global provider of market intelligence, has launched an innovative artificial intelligence called Microsoft Leap. This virtual analyst automates complex data processing, analysis, and reporting to help clients accelerate strategic business decisions.

Understanding Mintel’s Market Research Focus 

For over 45 years, Mintel has delivered gold-standard consumer research, competitive intelligence, and industry analysis. The London-based firm supports customers across various industries, including retail, finance, food & beverage, beauty, travel, and more.

With qualified experts and rigorous primary research methodologies, Mintel offers trusted global market perspectives. However, the vast amount of data makes aggregating and deriving actionable insights increasingly challenging, even for specialists.

That’s where Microsoft Leap aims to help – using AI to handle time-consuming quantitative tasks while leaving higher-level qualitative assessments to human counterparts.

Introducing Microsoft Leap – Mintel’s AI Researcher

Microsoft Leap constitutes Mintel’s first machine learning-enhanced deliverable explicitly focused on automated analysis capabilities. This virtual analyst platform processes disparate data sources using natural language processing, statistical modeling, and machine learning techniques to extract essential information.

Microsoft Leap’s AI functionality helps uncover hidden patterns and non-intuitive connections from complex market data. This augments Mintel’s existing industry-leading offerings with enhanced scope and scale.

The AI assistant handles numerous crucial tasks:

  • Data Processing – Structures datasets, handles missing or inaccurate information
  • Statistical Analysis – Identifies variances, trends, correlations
  • Insight Extraction – Recognizes pivotal patterns, forms analytic summaries
  • Data Visualization – Presents findings through auto-generated charts

This automation allows human researchers to focus more on strategic work like- validating results, providing expert opinions, and guiding clients on implications and recommendations.

Why Use Microsoft Leap for Enhanced Decision-Making?

Microsoft Leap aims to supercharge organizations’ consumer intelligence abilities by:

  • Accelerating Analysis: Data assessment that took days or weeks is completed within hours. The AI extracts revelations at machine speeds.
  • Amplifying Scope: Microsoft Leap evaluates intricately large datasets beyond human capability. This expands the breadth and depth of possible insights.
  • Enhancing Objectivity: Algorithms counter inherent cognitive biases that can cloud human judgment during quantitative assessments.

With Microsoft Leap, Mintel seizes AI’s potential to take business intelligence gathering to unprecedented levels. Clients receive faster, broader, and less subjective market research support to inform strategic initiatives.

Key Capabilities and Use Cases

Microsoft Leap empowers clients in numerous ways:

  • Competitor Benchmarking: Rapidly analyze strengths/weaknesses.
  • Consumer Segmentation: Divide shoppers into custom groups.
  • Trend Analysis: Identify shifts and projection scenarios.
  • Campaign Testing: Simulate promotional concepts.
  • Pricing Studies: Gauge optimal rate threshold reactions.
  • Product Viability: Evaluate demand factors and adoption drivers.

The system digests multimodal data encompassing sales metrics, search trends, social media traction, reviews, etc. This enables nuanced, real-time comprehension of target consumers and markets.

Teams can use Microsoft Leap together or on individual workflows. The collaborative aspects allow adequate information sharing as well.

Ongoing Enhancements Through Mintel Labs

Mintel plans continuous improvements to Microsoft Leap’s analytical sophistication. Mintel Labs, the company’s innovation incubator, will expand the AI’s data ingestion diversity, insight sophistication, and integration capabilities.

Envisioned enhancements like sentiment analysis and predictive modeling aim to help teams perpetually make better and faster decisions. This underscores Mintel’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of market understanding through cutting-edge technology.

The Future of Market Intelligence

Microsoft Leap represents a revolutionary step in leveraging AI to unlock value from market research. While still requiring human guidance on strategic direction, Microsoft Leap automates the complexity of data-driven insight discovery.

This breakthrough promises to fundamentally transform organizations’ comprehension of their business landscapes and consumer behavior by enhancing scope, speed, and objectivity. In an ever-evolving world, the augmented intelligence capabilities delivered by Microsoft Leap offer a vital competitive advantage.


Mintel’s launch of Microsoft Leap ushers in the next era of market intelligence, defined by the symbiosis between man and machine. With AI handling time-intensive analytics, experts can focus more on high-value tasks like strategic planning, consulting, and guidance tailored to clients’ needs.

Microsoft Leap’s automation also expands the possibilities of consumer research, delivering faster, broader, and less biased revelations through machine learning. 

As a result, Mintel continues pushing the boundaries of actionable business insights. 

Backed by nearly half a century of research expertise combined with AI’s perpetual enhancements, Microsoft Leap represents market intelligence reimagined.

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