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Whales Increasing Uniswap Crypto Holding, Can It Leap Forward?

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Uniswap current market indicators are pointing towards a positive trend, with key metrics such as the total supply in profit, whale activity, and weekly volatility backing up its potential for further growth. Over the last month and quarter, Uniswap has shown impressive gains of 64.52% and 106.09%, respectively, signaling a strong and consistent upward movement on the daily chart.

Despite a slight dip of 1.47% in the last 24-hour trading session, Uniswap’s price is holding steady at $12.242. The asset appears to be resilient, maintaining a crucial support level at approximately $11.420. If this support holds, Uniswap could climb to new peaks.

Moreover, the price is taking support on the EMAs and it is showing bullish strength. Similarly, the RSI is above 50.76, suggesting that the asset has more room to grow and MACD is above the zero line at 0.838.

Therefore, if the demand increases, the Uniswap asset price could bounce back from the current level. The next resistance for the price would be to reach $16.0. However, if the UNI crypto price fails to stay above the $11.40 level, it could plunge deeper towards the demand area.

Uniswap Price Vs Volatility (1W) Analysis

This chart exhibits the contrast between the volatility with the price movement in the Uniswap crypto. On examination, it shows that the UNI crypto has witnessed wonderful growth in earlier sessions. But recent chart price shows that it failed to jump supply and faced short-term decline and with that volatility has declined. It exhibits that the volatility is lower and the price is at support, illustrating stability in the price. 

Moreover, the UNI crypto seems comfortable at recent price support levels, which sugests that sellers are strong and buyers are holding ground, and the bulls may pull the price back up.

Percent Of Total Supply In Profit vs Whale Activity Study On Chart

The percentage of total supply in profit measures market hype in UNI crypto, which is at 62.884. It measures the percent of total supply in profit earned for Uniswap assets as the ratio between the total supply in profit and the total circulation of the asset.

Moreover, the whale holding data displays the change in holdings of the Uniswap large wallets. This whale holdings data is fetched from Santimnt(dot)com, it illustrates that the whales were holding nearly 48% of the total supply after declining up to the first week of January 2024. However, the holdings saw a significant advancement after the second week of January 2024 onwards and are currently at 51.753% indicating that whales are interested in buying it.


Uniswap’s market indicators suggest a positive outlook, with significant growth over the last month and quarter. The asset’s price is stable at $12.242, with strong support at $11.420. Technical indicators like EMA support, RSI above 50.76, and MACD at 0.838 indicate potential for further growth. If demand persists, the price could reach $16.0, but a drop below $11.40 may lead to a decline. 

Furthermore, the UNI crypto has shown stability in price and volatility, with whale activity suggesting increased interest in the asset. Overall, Uniswap’s market trends and whale activity point to a bullish sentiment.

Technical Levels

Support Levels: $11.40

Resistance Levels: $16.0


In this article, the views, and opinions stated by the author, or any people named are for informational purposes only, and they don’t establish the investment, financial, or any other advice. Trading or investing in cryptocurrency assets comes with a risk of financial loss.

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