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Loaf Cat Token On The Rise, Can It Surpass Previous High?

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Loaf Cat
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Loaf cat token operates on the Solana blockchain, primarily through its key project, Raydium.

Raydium, Lifinity, and Orca are significant projects built on Solana’s blockchain, each delivering unique services in the decentralized finance (DeFi) space:

•  Raydium functions as both an automated market maker (AMM) and a liquidity provider, interfacing with Solana’s Serum exchange. It boasts features such as rapid swaps, advanced liquidity options, and seamless yield farming.

•  Lifinity is a market maker, aiming to boost capital efficiency and minimize losses for those providing liquidity.

•  Orca stands out as one of Solana’s most accessible cryptocurrency exchanges, offering low-cost, swift token swaps. It also provides opportunities for its users to contribute liquidity and earn from trading fees.

Together, these platforms play a pivotal role in enhancing the Solana crypto’s ecosystem, by offering robust tools and important services that support trading, liquidity management, and other decentralized financial activities.

Loaf Cat Token Statistics Overview

The Loaf cat has total liquidity of $630,239.20, the total volume of this pair traded in this pool in the last 24 hours session is $118,661.40, and the fully diluted value of Loaf Cat is $17,443,923.20.

In the last 24 hours, overall, 495 transactions happened which consisted of 276 sell orders and only 219 Buy orders. The 24-hour volume of $118.67 K in terms of buys and sell volume is $66.69K and $51.98K, respectively.

As per the Loaf Cat to SOL converter, a single token has a value of 0.0000009019 SOL, and as per the current trading price on trading view is $0.0001767.

As per the price performance of 1 month, the Loaf Cat token’s monthly low was at $0.00007969, the high was at $0.0002806 and the total supply was 99.9 billion.

Loaf Cat Token Price Evaluation Over Daily Chart

The Loaf Cat Token price was in an uptrend from the beginning of the year and symbolized growth over the period. The price surged from $0.0000500 and reached $0.0002750, but at the top, it faced some resistance due to the presence of the supply region and fell to form a support at the $0.0001350 price mark.

Since, the Loaf Cat crypto has revealed a sign of recovery as the price spiked from a crucial level of around $0.0001350 on the chart and the asset is exhibiting bullish strength and rising capacity as it breached dynamic resistance from below major 20 and 50-Day EMA bands.

Above all, the Loaf cat asset is displaying bullish behavior as MACD is at 0.0000080, which is above the zero line with a histogram descending towards the zero line. Likewise, the RSI is not near the 70 level yet instead it is at 52.33 and approaches 14-SMA to cut from below.

At press time, the Loaf cat crypto is experiencing a surge of 13.55% in the last 24 hours, and currently trading at $0.0001767.

Therefore, if the demand for the Loaf Cat remains high, the asset price could surge towards the supply level from the current level. The next target for the price is to reach $0.0002750, and surpassing this would open doors for $0.0003000, and more.

However, if the Loaf Cat crypto price fails to stay above the $0.0001350 level, it could decline further.

Loaf Cat
Source: LOAF/USD: RAYDIUM.1.D. By TradingView


The Loaf Cat Token has shown a positive trend since the start of the year, with its price climbing from $0.0000500 to a peak of $0.0002750 before encountering resistance and establishing support at $0.0001350. 

Recently, it has shown signs of recovery, breaking through key moving average bands, and is currently trading at $0.0001767, up 13.55% in the last 24 hours. The MACD and RSI suggest bullish momentum. If the demand persists, the price may aim for $0.0002750 and potentially higher. Conversely, a drop below $0.0001350 could lead to further declines.

Technical Levels

Support Levels: $0.0001350

Resistance Levels: $0.0002750


In this article, the views, and opinions stated by the author, or any people named are for informational purposes only, and they don’t establish the investment, financial, or any other advice. Trading or investing in cryptocurrency assets comes with a risk of financial loss.

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