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Animoca Brands And CoinList To Cast A Token Launch Platform

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Animoca Brands
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Animoca Brands, the leader in the Web3 space joined hands with CoinList to launch its token launching platform MocaList. 

As technology evolves continuously, the crypto space innovates new products and services. To maintain power and a strong crypto footprint, Animoca Brands comes up with a new announcement of launching MocaList. To do so, the Web3 leader joined hands with CoinList, the global leader in community growth.   

Animoca Brands: A Web3 Leader

Animoca Brands is one of the active investors in Web3 and leverages blockchain networks to deliver digital property rights to consumers around the globe to develop an open metaverse. The company has almost 400 Web3 investments.   

The company’s mission is to deliver a digital property right to worldwide gamers as well as internet users by creating a new asset class, equitable digital framework, and play-to-earn economies. The vision of the Brand is to bring a new reality of digital ownership to a wide range of thought pieces and explainers.  

The Brand also emphasizes constructing an open metaverse, Mocaverse. 

Mocaverse is a project that proposes to strengthen the company’s Web3 ecosystem as well as metaverse-centric projects. The platform empowers individuals to create their online presence, engage with the virtual platform, and earn loyalty points. With Mocaverse, users can also build gaming and other entertainment platforms.  

CoinList At A Glimpse

CoinList is an American cryptocurrency exchange platform specializing in token sales and community building. It is a platform where early adopters invest their assets and trade the best digital assets. 

The platform is mainly designed to simplify the token issuance, selling, and trading process and permit individuals to sell the tokens in the secondary market at higher prices. Additionally, an intuitive interface and tools make buying, selling, and trading effortless and offer security services to safeguard personal accounts.

Furthermore, the platform has limits on the maximum number of coins that one investor can purchase, and the limits depend on the projects and the token sale situations.    

MocaList: The New Token Launching Platform 

A strong partnership between Animoca Brands and the CoinList platform has been established to launch a new token-launching platform, MocaList. Mainly, Mocaverse, the popular metaverse connected with the brand ecosystem, joins hands with CoinList. 

MocaList is a token launch platform mainly designed for the Mocaverse community to offer priority access to entertainment and culture in the blockchain space. The platform will be the first token-launch platform to provide high-quality culture and entertainment projects.

There will be an exclusive public sale for individuals holding Moca NFT, MOCA Coin, or Moca IDs. The launchpad will also help individuals participate in the different exclusive token sales. The MOCA coin will also be the first token sale over the MocaList.     

The collaboration of Mocaverse and CoinList motivates the setting of new standards in the crypto space with a key emphasis on quality and integrity, the exclusivity of access, and innovations in compliance infrastructure.   

Uncovering the features, Moca ID will be the main feature of MocaList and will assist the holders in participating in the upcoming token sale. The platform is about to serve the CoinList’s 11 Million early adopters, Mocaverse access to around 400 Animoca Brands portfolio organizations, and approximately 1 Million Moca ID accounts.

Moca ID is mainly used to explore different Web3 experiences, including GameFi, SociaFi, and PointFi. The partnership of CoinList and Mocaverse is all set to deliver premium opportunities to crypto enthusiasts and communities.

MocaList is anticipated to be launched in April 2024, and the opportunities will be available to both the Mocaverse and CoinList community.      

Recent Partnerships Of Mocaverse

Apart from its partnership with CoinList, Mocaverse has also moved its hands towards other platforms, including the OKX wallet, Halo Wallets, and Decentralized Finance (DeFi) wallet. The purpose is to allow individuals to request unique Moca IDs in applications. 

Requesting Moca IDs through wallets will help users enter the Mocaverse environment and explore a wide range of cultural and entertainment adventures. Additionally, Moca ID is a fundamental feature in the MocaList platform and helps individuals participate in significant events.   


The strategic partnership between Animoca Brands and CoinList to launch MocaList marks a significant advancement in the Web3 and cryptocurrency landscape. This alliance aims to enhance the digital asset ecosystem by providing a dedicated platform for token launches that prioritizes quality, integrity, and exclusive access. With Moca ID, the initiative promises to offer unique opportunities for engagement and investment within the Mocaverse community and beyond. 


What is Mocaverse?

Mocaverse, introduced by Animoca Brands is a project that aims to strengthen the company’s ecosystem of Web3 as well as metaverse-centric projects.

What services are offered by Animoca Brands?

Animoca is a key player in the Web3 universe and leverages blockchain to offer digital property rights worldwide. 

What is CoinList used for? 

CoinList is a platform that allows early adopters to invest in and trade digital assets. 

When MocaList will be launched?

MocaList’s launch in April 2024 grows, and the crypto community will witness a new era of token sales and digital ownership, further solidifying Animoca Brands’ position as a leader in the Web3 space.

Who can access the MocaList services?

Community members of Mocaverse and CoinList will get uninterrupted access to the platform. Additionally, Moca NFT, MOCA Coin, or Moca ID holders will be prioritized.    

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