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Nikita Sachdev: Speaker Coverage

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Nikita Sachdev
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Early Life & Education

Indian-American businessman Nikita Sachdev was raised in a household that valued hard work and knowledge. From an early age, she exhibited curiosity toward technology and an entrepreneurial nature. Her educational background laid the foundation for her career in crypto and blockchain (she holds a Bachelors in Business and Environmental Science).

Learning About Blockchain & Cryptocurrency

In 2017, Sachdev joined Huobi, a major cryptocurrency exchange. Her time at Huobi sparked her interest in crypto and blockchain, and she began learning about crypto intensely. That’s when she realized the potential of crypto and associated technologies to reshape finance and other sectors.

Launching Luna PR

Motivated by her recently discovered enthusiasm and due to her enterprising nature, Sachdev made a daring move and started Luna PR out of her living room.

What began as a modest business soon expanded into an esteemed public relations and marketing firm focusing on the blockchain and cryptocurrency industries. 

Luna PR undertook a global expansion under Sachdev’s imaginative leadership, adding offices in Dubai, Miami, Singapore, and London to its roster of over one hundred talented individuals.

Growing Luna Media Corporation

Sachdev started Luna Media Corporation, which includes Luna PR. They expanded into web3 venture capital, showing Sachdev’s knack for spotting digital opportunities.

Later, she founded the Luna Media foundation to help educate underprivileged girls in India, demonstrating her commitment to social good.

Industry Acknowledgments & Recognition

Sachdev is a renowned personality in the larger crypto community due her knowledge and contributions to the blockchain and crypto.

Luna PR has received several notable honors, including “Best Web3 Consultancy” in 2022 and “Best PR Agency in Fintech” in 2021. Also awards like “Web3 Marketing Agency of the Year” for Luna PR and “Businesswoman of the Year 2023” for Sachdev herself, the company’s trophy case is expanding steadily.

Thought Leader & A Sought-After Speaker

Nikita is a sought-after thought leader because of her rich background and astute knowledge of the blockchain and cryptocurrency sectors. She has garnered considerable attention due to her active social media presence and compelling content. She has been invited as speaker at several prestigious events worldwide including an event at the Oxford University among others.

Government representatives have recognized and commended her experience and regard her as a leading figure in the field. Some of these officials include the Sultan of Oman, the Ministry of AI in Dubai, and Mayor Suarez of Miami.

Women’s Leadership in Crypto

Sachdev, a prominent figure in a male-dominated industry, is passionate about strengthening women in crypto and blockchain. In the famous International Women’s Day Campaign, she was one of the three faces of Binance VIP. She delivered her motivational message, “Invest in yourself before you invest in the market.” 

The Luna PR founder’s remarks, which emphasized the value of resilience and personal development in the face of market turbulence, struck a chord with many people, especially during the problematic crypto winter.

Media Presence & Collaborations

Sachdev’s impact reaches far beyond the crypto world. In 2022, Luna Media Corporation collaborated with CNBC Arabia to produce “On the Chain,” the network’s inaugural crypto-focused program. 

Sachdev hosted the show, interviewing industry leaders like Ripple’s Managing Director for MENA and SEA and the CEO of Ledger, reaching over 50 million households.

The Bottom Line

Nikita Sachdev’s journey in the crypto and blockchain industry is far from over. In 2023, she appeared as a recurrent advisor and guest star on the world’s first-ever crypto-based TV reality show, “The Next Crypto Gem”; Luna PR is the media partner of the show. This innovative prime-time television venture promises to bring a fresh perspective to the intersection of entertainment and cryptocurrencies.

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