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Best Crypto to Invest in 2024: Must Have Cryptos Before BTC Halving

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Amid market uncertainty, several cryptocurrencies have remained alluring to investors seeking lucrative returns. Whether it’s blue-chip cryptos like Bitcoin or Ethereum or newer altcoins and meme coins boasting exciting actual utility, here is an in-depth look at the best top crypto projects to invest in 2024 and beyond, including Binance Coin, Tron, Chainlink, Polkadot and KangaMoon.

The coins represent some of the best risk-reward ratios the market offers, according to intensive, data-driven analysis of cryptocurrency fundamentals. With this view, investors will get the most up-to-date information on today’s leading cryptocurrency contenders. It is a list of highly promising cryptocurrency assets that offer long-term investment merit.

KangaMoon (KANG)

Dominating the presale scene, KangaMoon (KANG) success is unparalleled. KangaMoon raised a $5 million revenue, reflecting its potential as one of the best cryptos to invest in 2024. Its appeal is evident, drawing in over 20,000 users and over 5,800 token holders. At its 5th presale stage, the game-changing crypto boasts promising growth and returns. That makes it a top pick for the anticipated bull run.

With its GameFi feature, KangaMoon offers an expansive ecosystem where users use the KANG token as an in-game currency. Players earn KANG and rare in-game items by competing and winning event matches. Every challenge offers an opportunity to earn virtual currency, and surprisingly, every victory translates to real-world value.

Additionally, this platform rewards active members with free KANG. They must participate in community activities such as posting, sharing, or commenting on tweets that promote KangaMoon online for rewards. Members can also join the ongoing KangaMoon Shilling Competition and earn rewards.

Currently, the price of the KANG token is sold for only $0.0196, having moved from its initial offering of $0.005. This marks an over 290% ROI for early buyers. With KANG set to get listed in CEX exchanges in Q2, experts project a 50x rally. They are positioning the P2E coin as the top DeFi crypto to buy now. The P2E game is worth over $176B, and KangaMoon has the potential to open the market for everyone to benefit.

Binance Coin (BNB)

With the market recovering from the recent crypto winter, experts have remained bullish about Binance Coin. According to Prominent Analyst Crypto Tony, the price of Binance Coin is reflecting significant upward momentum, indicating solid bullishness. The analyst’s charts indicate several green candlesticks for Binance Coin, showcasing a sustained upward trend. 

He highlighted three horizontal lines representing potential support and resistance levels. The highest line on the chart represented a previous resistance level that the Binance Coin price had surpassed, indicating a breakout. The BNB coin may find new support at a higher range.

CoinMarketCap data shows that the price of BNB is trading at $611, a 4% increase in the last seven days. Strong bullish sentiments among investors and traders have fuelled the upward value of Binance Coin crypto. There is the potential for further gains in the coming days.

Tron (TRX)

The price of Tron experienced red charts, with its price dipping from $0.13 to $0.11 over the last month. Tron’s market cap also fluctuated between $12.26 billion and $10.43 billion. However, despite all this, Tron has been making massive efforts to try and increase its value. Notably, Tron announced that the platform had burned at least 14 M TRX on the 2nd of April.

Such a massive burning event could trigger a rally momentum for the price of Tron, with the altcoin trading above the 100 and 200-day EMAs. Due to all this, market analysts free a bight feature for the price prediction of Tron, predicting that Tron might rise above its current trading price of between $0.11 and $0.12 according to CoinMarketCap to trade at $0.17 before the end of Q2 in 2024.

Chainlink (LINK)

Chainlink recently launched a new Transporter application that facilitates the movement of cryptocurrency assets and data across different networks. The application aims to become a cost-efficient solution for executing high-value token movements across blockchains, ensuring users enjoy a secure transactional experience.

This application serves as Chainlink’s entrance into the ever-growing blockchain bridging sector. Something that might lead to a surge in the price of Chainlink, which currently trades around the $17.10 to the $17.50 mark, according to CoinMarketCap. With the Web3 and Blockchain ecosystem expanding, there is a need for simple solutions which can act as a channel for information between the networks and decentralized applications, and Chainlink intends to solve this.

Polkadot (DOT) 

Polkadot (DOT), the native crypto of the Blockchain protocol, remains the 15th largest crypto in terms of market cap, having registered a price increase of 3% on a weekly scale. Currently, Polkadot is worth around $8.10, according to CoinMarkerCap, with different analysts predicting a significant surge in the coming days.

Michael van de Poppe, an X user with over 700k followers, recently suggested that Polkadot has reached a cycle low on the Bitcoin valuation. He then continued to outline that the price prediction of Polkadot is expected to undergo fundamental progress, adding that Polkadot will certainly be added to his personal portfolio.

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As the Bitcoin halving event nears, these cryptos are anticipated to undergo a major surge. However, as much as the four other cryptos, including Binance Coin, Tron, Chainlink, and Polkadot, have a better reputation within the crypto market, KangaMoon is also set to stand out in 2024. Having amassed over 5,800 token holders, KangaMoon’s intention is to get listed among the best altcoins of 2024.

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