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The Top 5 Social Media dApps Ruling the Market


Source: CARV.IO

Carv is a modular data layer protocol for gaming and AI. It is revolutionizing the way data is shared while ensuring privacy and ownership. Carv also enables gamers with data sovereignty and intelligent games. 

In the past 30 days, the number of unique wallets interacting with the dApp has decreased by 2.42% and is near 948.29k. Meanwhile, Carv has observed 15.9 Million transactions happening between the wallet and smart contracts.

Carv NFT has a market cap of $1.92 Million, which is a surge of 55% in the past month. The floor price of the NFT is $98.65, with an average transaction price of $229.91. Meanwhile, the highest sold NFT in the last 30 days was CARV Dragon Treasure NFT #521, with a price of $679, as per the data by Dappradar.


Source: Dappradar

ReadON is a platform for distributing content in a decentralized way. It offers incentives to consumers, curators, creators, and unique NFTs tied to specific topics. The platform aims to make it easy for users to access high-quality content, break down information barriers, and discover new topics. It is worth mentioning that ReadON has a strong presence in Pakistan and Nigeria, indicating its global impact and relevance in diverse cultural landscapes.

It has 128k unique wallers interacting with the Dao, as per the data provided by Dappradar. Meanwhile, the number of transactions on the Dapp has observed a decline of more than 45% in the past thirty days. The protocol is currently becoming very popular in several countries, showing its strong presence.

Source: Dappradar has revolutionized social networking by seamlessly integrating traditional crypto and patronage models. It empowers users to monetize their online presence. With the help of the blockchain, it facilitates the creation and monetization of vibrant online communities. Through the exchange of “keys,” users can access exclusive content, participate in innovative interactions, and join revenue streams. This unique fusion of social engagement and financial incentive redefines social networking and heralds a new era of digital interaction in the blockchain ecosystem, marking a trailblazer.

The number of unique wallets interacting with the protocol has surged by over 50% in the past 5 days. The overall transaction volume has also observed a rise from 6k to 35k in the past few days. TVL has seen a growth of over 10% and reached $35.9 million in the last 30 days.


Source: Metapool

Meta Pool aims to democratize access to Web3 financial tools through a seamless and permissionless platform. It is a multi-chain, liquid-staking ecosystem that offers a range of features, including vote-to-earn for DAO governance rewards. It also provides LST  across Ethereum, NEAR, Solana, and Aurora and liquidity pools for all to participate in. It has a Launchpad to support new projects with staking rewards and a Bond market for trading locked positions. Metapool has a user-friendly interface and is on ongoing expansion to accommodate more networks.

Metapool has the highest trading volume among all the Dapps present in the market. Meanwhile, the net unique wallets interacting with the smart contracts have taken a dive of more than 15%.


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