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Green Crypto ETFs Ready To Give The Market a New Look? Here’s Hashkey Capital’s Take

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Hashkey Capital, one of the most prominent players in the Web3 ecosystem, joined forces with Pacira on the launch of green crypto ETFs.

On April 30, Hashkey Capital’s CEO, Deng Chao, in an interview with Annabelle Droulers on “Bloomberg Markets: Asia”, discussed possible competition for US Bitcoin products. Chao joined with Pacira, the traditional finance expert, to pioneer the Web3 ecosystem, launch green crypto ETFs, and construct a bridge between Web3 and investors. 

A prominent player in the Web3 space announced a green Bitcoin initiative in collaboration with the Green BTC.Club Alliance. Hashkey Capital laid out their plans for global coverage and local compliance in Japan, Korea, and Singapore as well.

A Bridge Between Traditional And Web3 Investors?

Over 100 million Web3 investors and institutional investors are demanding Crypto ETFs, which are supposed to bridge traditional and Web3 investors. Easier access and global coverage for investors is the most significant benefit.

Additionally, the recent move by Hashkey Capital could help the Hong Kong Exchange and charity foundation. 

“We think this move is up for charity, to help the Hong Kong Exchange and Charity Foundation to benefit their people”, Chao added. The Web3 ecosystem leader invested around 2 Million HKD for specific tickers 3008 and 3009 in Hong Kong.

What’s Going On In Chao’s Mind?

An exclusive interview with Deng Chao unveiled Hashkey Capital’s plans for crypto ETFs to fulfill the demand from Web3 space, institutional investors, and crypto natives.

The CEO partnered with Pacira, a global traditional financial service provider, to strengthen its roots in the Web3 ecosystem and launch green crypto ETFs. 

The partnership could be a bridge between investors and Web3 and assist in Bitcoin product exposure on a global level. Chao plans to bring the Web3 ecosystem and Web3 investors together. 

“This historical product is a bridge that connects investors from a traditional background and Web3 as well, giving easier access, more compliant, easier and global coverage to the Web3 ecosystem”, said Chao.

As a Web3 global ecosystem, Hashkey Capital Group has other parts, including Hashkey Exchange, which acts as a custodian for ETFs and empowers the fee structure and services.

Moreover, Hashkey Capital’s Web3 ecosystem revolves around Venture Capital (VC) investing, tech infrastructure, and better Web3 experience through tokenization. The motive is to emerge as a one-stop-shop for all financial and investing services by offering all the resources, expertise, and networks.

Hashkey Capital And Their Future Plans

Chao also revealed his plan for a green Bitcoin initiative in the interview, working with Green BTC.Club Alliance to attract retail and institutional investors. The Group took to social media platform X to communicate the same.

Hashkey Capital plans to successfully issue the ETFs and achieve carbon neutrality for the Bosera HashKey Bitcoin ETF. Furthermore, Hashkey Capital will purchase Renewable Energy certificates based on holdings in Green Crypto ETFs.

Besides, the prominent player in the Web3 ecosystem also collaborates with regulators in jurisdictions like Japan, Korea, and Singapore for global coverage and local compliance. Monitoring the market demand and engaging with the legislative bodies will help Hashkey Capitals strengthen its roots in the crypto space.

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