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Grayscale’s GBTC Sees First Inflows After Months Of Outflows

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The cryptocurrency market is abuzz as Grayscale Investments, a major digital asset management firm, reaches a significant milestone. 

After months of continuous outflows from its Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC), the trust experienced its first day of net positive inflows on May 3.This has given investors and traders hope that Bitcoin’s price might be turning around, with increased demand and the possibility of reaching a new all-time high.

Breaking The Outflow Cycle

According to data from Farside, Grayscale’s GBTC recorded $63 Million in inflows on May 3, marking the first positive inflow since the launch of 11 spot Bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs) on January 11. 

Prior to this, the trust had experienced approximately $17.5 Billion in outflows as investors sought alternative investment vehicles following the ETF launch. The news of GBTC’s inflows has sparked a flurry of speculation and analysis within the crypto community.

Pseudonymous crypto investor DivXman, with over 20,800 followers on X (formerly Twitter), pointed out that GBTC was the “primary source” of sell pressure across all spot Bitcoin ETFs.

However, he suggested that “the tides” could be turning, potentially leading to a “significant decrease in sell pressure and additional increase in demand.”

Positive Sentiment & Price Predictions

The crypto community’s reaction to the GBTC inflows has been overwhelmingly positive, with many expecting a potential impact on Bitcoin’s price. With over 80,300 followers on X, Crypto trader Jelle predicted that the “halving chop will come to an end, and 6-figure Bitcoin will follow shortly after.”

Jordan Lindsey, another prominent crypto trader, echoed the sentiment, stating that Bitcoin’s price is “obviously responding both to outflows and inflows.” 

Indeed, Bitcoin’s price has already shown signs of recovery, increasing by 4.91% over the past 24 hours to reach $62,840 at the time of publication, according to CoinMarketCap data.

Factors Driving The Shift

Several factors have contributed to the shift in investor sentiment and the subsequent inflows into GBTC. 

One of the primary drivers has been the high fees associated with GBTC compared to other available ETFs. While GBTC’s fee is set at a relatively high 1.5%, other ETFs have fees below 1%, with the cheapest being Franklin Templeton’s Bitcoin ETF (EZBC) at 0.19%.

Another factor influencing the outflows from GBTC has been the liquidation of shares by bankrupt crypto firms such as FTX and Genesis Global Trading. 

In their efforts to repay creditors, these firms have been selling off large amounts of GBTC shares, contributing to the significant outflows observed over the past few months.

However, with the recent inflows, investors may be recognizing the potential value in GBTC once again, particularly in light of the trust’s longevity and reputation in the digital asset management space.


Recent inflows into Grayscale’s GBTC have boosted optimism in the cryptocurrency market, with investors and traders anticipating a potential change in Bitcoin’s price direction.

The reaction from the crypto community underscores the impact of institutional investment vehicles on market sentiment and price trends. As the industry evolves, the interaction between traditional finance and cryptocurrencies will shape the future of this dynamic asset class.

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