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Bitdeer Acquired Desiweminer To Support Technological Roadmap

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Bitdeer, a leading blockchain and high-performance mining company, announced its partnership with Desiweminer to support the ongoing technological advancements of the company.

On June 6, Bitdeer made two significant announcements, one of which was its acquisition of Desiweminer and the other its technological advancement roadmap.

Bitdeer is dedicated to providing comprehensive computing solutions for its customers. It handles complex processes involved in computing, including equipment procurement, transport logistics, data-center design and construction, equipment management and other daily operations.

Bitdeer to Acquire all Shares of Desiweminer

On June 3, Bitdeer entered into an acquisition agreement with Desiweminer for 20 Million Class A shares of the company in an all-stock transaction. The acquisition is anticipated to have strategic implications on Bitdeer and it has a watch out period of 10 months. In this period, Bitdeer will evaluate Desiweminer’s technology, engineering team, and supply chain.

Desiweminer’s cutting-edge chip designs are complementary and suitable for the advanced semiconductor processes at 4nm and below. The Desiweminer team will join Bitdeer’s ASIC design team in Singapore. This integration will strengthen the company’s capabilities and boost its time to market.

Products that will feature in this integration will be released soon. Linghui Kong, Chief Business Officer, backed the acquisition decision, stating, “We are thrilled to welcome Desiweminer into the Bitdeer family. Desiweminer’s remarkable achievements in ASIC design and their proven track record, with nearly 30,000 high-performance machines in the market, make them one of the top ASIC design groups in the world.”

The joining of Desiweminer’s team will align with their strategy to drive innovation and excellence in the mining industry and will support the recent investments of Bitdeer into ASIC businesses.

He further supports the acquisition, stating, “Integrating these advanced technologies will enhance our existing product lineup and accelerate research and development of our next generation ASICs, which will push the boundaries of what’s possible in ASIC technology and efficiency. Given our leadership team’s track record in the Bitcoin industry, we are well-positioned to disrupt and capture share in the multi-billion-dollar ASIC market over the coming years.”

Technological Upgrade

In the subsequent blog post, Bitdeer released its technological advancements roadmap for the next year as it continues to grow its business and operations, which will further get a boost with the acquisition in the pipeline.



SEAL01 – Chip energy efficiency 18.1J/TH

This energy-efficiency enhancing update was released in March 2024. It has been integrated into the SEAMLINER A1 mining machine, company’s inaugural mining machine. The wall-mount power consumption is in the range of 20J/TH and 23J/TH and the first batch is expected to be out by the next quarter.

SEAL02 – Chip energy efficiency expected to be 14J/TH

It is scheduled to be launched in Q3, 2024. It will optimize the mining power and wall mount power consumption is anticipated to be in the range of 15J/TH and 16.5 J/TH. The second generation SEALMINER mining machine is expected to enter the mass production stage by the end of 2024.

SEAL03 – Chip energy efficiency expected to be as low as 10J/TH

It is expected to be launched in Q4, 2024 and to optimize the wall mount power consumption in the expected range of 11 J/TH and 12 J/TH. The third generation SEALMINER mining machine’s mass production will tentatively begin in Q2, 2025.

SEAL04 – Chip energy efficiency expected to breakthrough to 5J/TH

It is set to launch by Q2, 2025, with a chip energy efficiency of 5J/TH and optimized wall mount power consumption in the anticipated range of 5.5J/TH and 6J/TH. Its production will be available by the end of 2025.

It has a dedicated team of professional engineers to execute R&D across key domains. It will continue to invest in R&D to enhance its long term competitiveness, efficiency, sustainability and reliability of products and services.

Share Price Impact on BTDR after News Release

Bitdeer Technologies Group is listed on NASDAQ with the ticker BLDR.

The acquisition update and the anticipated technological advancement have fuelled the trend, with a substantial increase of 4.42% to $7.32 before the market closed on June 6. 

It further increased in after market trading session by 0.41% to $7.35. The trend is expected to continue in the trading session on June 7. The positive outlook of stockholders was also visible through an increase in buyer volume on June 6.


The analysis given above is for informational and educational purposes only. You should not take it as financial, investment, or other advice. Investing in or trading crypto assets is risky. Please consider your circumstances and risk profile before making any investment decisions.

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