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Bullish Falling Wedge Triangle Detected On Notcoin’s Chart; Which Altcoins Are Next?


The Notcoin price has increased recently. However, the technical analysis showed the upward trend might continue because of a bullish falling wedge triangle on its chart. Known to indicate bullish reversals, this formation implies that Notcoin may see more gains. Attention now shifts to other altcoins like Avalanche, TRON, Chainlink, and Angry Pepe Fork. They show solid technical signs as investors search for the next altcoins.

Angry Pepe Fork is One of the Most Promising Altcoins to Buy

Angry Pepe Fork (APORK) is a Solana-based coin. It provides an enormous MemeFi incentive and a strong sense of community. Thus, it seems poised to bring more innovations and profit potential into the altcoin market. This new altcoin has an intense desire to eradicate all zombie meme coins. It has only recently begun its presale and aims to surpass all expectations. Furthermore, the ecosystem of Angry Pepe Fork is not empty; it has been given additional utility. 

This platform is collaborating to defeat zombie (stale) meme altcoins and increase their rewards. Its users can earn money collectively through an inventive “Conquer to Earn” earning model. Current analyst projections state that APORK could increase by 200% by the end of the presale. It could surge by an astounding 500% after it goes public on significant exchanges. 

Users don’t need to worry about privacy because SOLIDProof audited Angry Pepe Fork’s smart contract to guarantee security and trust. The native APORK token is now only $0.014 in the presale stage 1. However, it should increase in value dramatically during its initial coin offering (ICO). The MemeFi cryptocurrency’s staking mechanism is another fascinating feature. For 30, 60, or 90 days, members have the option to lock in their APORK tokens. 

They can also increase their APY for even greater rewards. Furthermore, Angry Pepe Fork is expanding in anticipation of multiple mutually beneficial collaborations. The coin’s utility and appeal will undoubtedly increase due to these collaborations, strengthening its place in the altcoin market. However, this project may greatly interest you if you are an avid fan of the Angry Pepe Frog. It may also allure you if you didn’t purchase native Pepe Coin at an early stage.

Visit Angry Pepe Fork Presale

Notcoin Price Chart Analysis

On the Notcoin price chart, the altcoin has formed a falling wedge pattern. Converging trendlines with a downward slope characterize this technical formation, suggesting a possible bullish reversal. A falling wedge pattern usually appears following an extended decline period, indicating an imminent upward breakout in the asset’s price. Traders and investors are taking notice of this pattern on Notcoin’s chart for potential future Notcoin price movements.

A verified break out from the falling wedge may indicate that Notcoin’s current downward trend is coming to an end. Besides, a new upward trajectory is starting. However, other market factors and indicators must be considered to assess the strength and sustainability of such a reversal. The Notcoin price is now moving inside the triangle and above the 100-day SMA on the 4-hour chart. It indicates that the wedge may continue for some time.

Avalanche Price Chart Analysis

The Avalanche price dropped by about 7.4% in the last 7 days to $32.99, continuing the decline over the previous month. The Avalanche price movement and volatility have been contrasted. It was identified that the volatility increases with the width of the Bollinger bands. The size of the gray area at any given time also affects it. 

Over the past week, Avalanche’s trading volume has increased by 22%, moving in lockstep with the overall 8.31% increase in the coin’s circulating supply. Meanwhile, holders anticipate a rally as the Avalanche price chart shows a bearish rejection at the $32.2 support level. 

TRON Price Chart Analysis

The social media metrics for the TRON coin have increased over the past few trading sessions, indicating that it has received positive coverage from cryptocurrency media. TRON’s social dominance and volume surge show that there have been more discussions, mentions, and posts about cryptocurrencies on social media sites like Reddit, X, and Telegram. If both volume and social dominance rise, the price of the TRON coin will benefit. 

The TRON price chart reveals that the altcoin began to stall on February 27, 2024, and it experienced weakness in the daily technical chart. However, the price of TRON found support at the 200-day EMA level and recovered, indicating that buyers were present at the lower levels. Over the year, the performance of TRON yielded a return of roughly 70%.

Chainlink Price Chart Analysis

Important support levels for Chainlink have been breached, most notably $17.40, which is the 100 EMA on the 4-hour Chainlink price chart. The Chainlink price has also moved into the area, corresponding to the 200 EMA on the 4-hour chart. Moreover, the Chainlink price levels of $16.70 and $18.00 continue to be formidable resistance levels. 

At this point in the market, $15.60 and $14.30 are the most significant support levels to watch. These levels align with the Ichimoku Cloud’s significant flat baselines over a 4-hour period, highlighting important potential areas of support amidst the present bearish trend. Chainlink has entered the Ichimoku Cloud on the daily price chart, a bearish signal. Over this period, the RSI has also decreased dramatically, from 70 to 43.

Can Angry Pepe Fork’s Price Explode Soon?

The price of Angry Pepe Fork is expected to rise significantly during its current presale. However, some of its backers are confident the token will perform better than other well-known altcoins when made available to the general public. With its current market capitalization of $26.6 million, pumping the price of this altcoin is less expensive, so it is one of the most promising altcoins to buy in anticipation of massive gains in the coming months.

Buy Angry Pepe Fork Before Its Price Skyrockets

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