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Analysts Anticipate A Major Movement In APT Price; Can It Grow 3x?

Aptos (APT) ranks 27th among the top 100 cryptos on the CoinMarketCap website in terms of Market cap (at press time). It has a market value of $3.126 Billion, and its trading volume amounts to $158.282 Million. The volume-to-market cap ratio is 5.08%, highlighting weak liquidity, often signifying less stable market charts. 

Meanwhile, its circulating supply is at 451.403 million APT. Its circulating token supply is nearly 40% of the total supply of 1.101 billion APT. 


APT/USD 1.W. Price chart | Source: TradingView

A recent daily chart shows weak momentum at the crucial support level on the chart. Yet, the price appears bullish in the weekly chart and could achieve a spike based on the bulls and liquidity increases.

Decoding Price Patterns In Aptos (APT)!

According to @The Crypto Titan’s optimistic tweet post on the X platform, the Aptos price has been trading above the crucial trendline support for the weekly timeframe. The crypto titan’s tweet further stated that he anticipates that the Aptos could attain a major pullback from this price point. He further hints for traders and investors by highlighting that it looks like a good time to accumulate Aptos (APT) right now, as it is available at a much cheaper rate.

On the daily chart, The Aptos exhibited a significant price movement. Starting from a demand level of $4.75 in mid-October 2023, APT displayed a substantial rally. It eventually reached $19.50 by March 26th, breaking through the resistance level of $10.50 (a barrier tested several times previously).

However, the peak point at $19.50 proved unsustainable, and the price began to decline on March 27th, establishing a new support level at $6.50 by June 18th, where an ascending trendline support was also present.

Aptos (APT) Price Forecast!

At press time, the APT price traded at $6.96 with an intraday gain of 0.72%.

If the APT price manages to increase successfully from the current level and knocks out the dynamic resistance in the course, the nearest targets would be $8.00 and $10.0.

On the contrary, If the APT price fails to manage the current support level of $6.50, it could reach the $5.75 and $4.75 price mark.

What Do Aptos (APT) Indicators Highlights?

Its indicators present bearish signals due to a lack of liquidity, and the major trend is bearish, as the MACD has formed a bearish crossover with the histogram at -0.13, which is close to the zero line. The price is below the 50-day and 200-day EMAs, and the RSI at 31.96 shows a minor tilt upward that shows the possibility of the RSI curve taking a U-turn from oversold to the overbought zone.

These technical indicators in Aptos suggest a bearish angle, but a minor tilt upwards in RSI signifies some bullishness. As per the price action, the price is at a crucial level, and one massive liquidity candle could also initiate an up move that could surpass the dynamic resistance. So, the current bearish signal could be false due to a lack of moment in price, and bullishness could prevail.


Aptos (APT) has weak liquidity with a volume-to-market cap ratio of 5.08%. The price has shown bullish and bearish signals, keeping the view uncertain. But, with the potential targets of $8.00 and $10.0, the price could increase if buyers’ interest increases. 

Support is at $5.75 and $4.75 if it fails to hold current support of $6.50. Technical indicators suggest a bearish trend, but RSI shows some bullishness, and analysts anticipate a major pullback could come.


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