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Uniswap Holders Unstable, UNI Rally to $16 Might Have to Wait


Uniswap (UNI) ranked 22nd in terms of market capitalization, while its market cap dominance stood at 0.22% around the time of writing. 

Despite the strong market presence, a decrease in its trading volume was observed over the past 24-hours. It resulted in a 48% decline in spot volume, followed by a 62.82% decrease in the volume of derivatives.

UNI Derivative Data Weak

A few unsettling scenarios including high short liquidations of around $146.2K against long liquidations of about $24.98K, showed that UNI price pivoted to bearish. Its market cap had advanced by nearly 11% in the past 24 hours, amounting to $4.67 Billion.

Its volume-to-market cap ratio stands at 3.25%, signifying low liquidity in the UNI market, which makes the markets less stable. The circulating supply highlights that nearly 60% of tokens are in people’s hands out of 1.0 Billion UNI token.

What Does On-Chain Highlights  In Uniswap (UNI)?

According to Intotheblock, in the past 7 days, an increase in the outflows was recorded from the exchanges to wallets, which resulted in a $22.70 Million. Meanwhile, the inflows saw a surge, from wallet to exchanges, that stands at $18.63 Million.


Token Summary | Source:

As per the demographics transactions, the east timings (10 pm-10 am) were utilized more for trading and investing in UNI, which stands at 53%. The greater transactions also happened that were above $100K, and in the past 7 days, it has recorded $264.26 Million.

Moreover, it has also come into sight that the large holder’s concentration stands heavy at 85%, which owns more than 1% of the circulating supply. Similarly, 82% of holders hold the UNI for more than 1 year, and its price correlation with Bitcoin (BTC) stands at 0.73 (gets affected when the market leader increases and decreases).


In/Out Of Money | Source:

According to the In/Out of the money data, shows that the Uniswap addresses that are in the money hold 44.14% percentage with 159.81K Addresses, Out of the Money holds 53.12% with 192.32K addresses, and At the money percentage is 2.75% with 9.94K addresses.

Decoding Uniswap (UNI) Price

The Uniswap had a great start in January 2024 and flew more than 200%, from $5.50 to $17.00 by March 6th, 2024. UNI price gains were unstable and price fell to form a support at a high volume level around $11.08. 

After sustaining the level for a while above $10.25, UNI price gave a breakdown of a bearish flag pattern in correlation with the BTC dip on April 9th, 2024.

The UNI price fell and formed support at $6.86 by April 13th, consolidated for some days, and then gave a breakout from a descending triangle pattern up to $11.85, where the resistance posed a threat.

Thereon, the price did best to sustain, but by June 21st, the price gave a breakdown of ascending channel and reached $6.85 by July 5th.

At press time, as BTC tries to sustain its price, UNI continues to struggle. The current price traded at $7.911 with an intraday gain of 1.61%.

If the price rises, surpassing $9.0 it could reach $11.0. On the contrary, if the price slips $6.86, it could deteriorate further.


Uniswap (UNI) ranks 22nd by market cap at $4.67 billion, with a 0.22% market cap dominance. Despite an 11% market cap rise, trading volume dropped, signaling low liquidity. Notable was $146.2K in short liquidations versus $24.98K in long liquidations. UNI’s price is currently $7.911, with a volatile trend and strong large-holder concentration.


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Adarsh Singh
Adarsh Singh
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