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Coinbase Exploring New Digital Currencies for Listing

Coinbase New Listing

Coinbase is one of the most famous cryptocurrency exchange and it is really very much popular among the cryptos in the market. The exchange is known for providing technical support for the currency and recently the exchange declared that it will be adding 17 more virtual currencies on its platform. …

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Cryptocurrency DASH To Begin Trading On Coinbase PRO


Recently the digital currency platform for payments and e – commerce, Dash proclaimed to be more to coinbase professional, a digital currency exchange. It was reported by dash that the exchange can be settled for deposits for a minimum of twelve hours before facultative full commerce beginning. Last month it …

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Coinbase’s New Vice President is the Ex-COO of NerdWallet


Recently, Coinbase has hired a new person to fill and replace Emilie Choi from the position of Vice President. Emilie Choi is not going anywhere he will continue to work with the company. The new person is none other than the Ex-Chief Operating Officer (COO)/of NerdWallet and the before that …

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Coinbase and Ripple dropped from the U.S. LinkedIn’s Top 10


Bitcoin has been doing good this year, but it is far from it’s 2017’s high price of $20,000. In 2017, the currency has experienced extremely good bullish momentum and many startups also started then. Bitcoin price journeyed from $1,000 to around $20,000. But, unfortunately, the price dropped immensely the previous …

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The Top Five Cryptocurrency Affiliate Programs 2019 (Highest Paying Programs for Beginners)

Best Bitcoin & Crypto Affiliate Programs For 2019

The new age cryptocurrency or bitcoins are the talks of the town and cryptocurrency affiliate programs are a niche the techies are obsessed with. To understand and to focus on these affiliate programs are a great move if you are trying to build a whole plethora of opportunities for you …

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Beginners Step by Step Guide on How to Trade on Coinbase


With coinbase, trading in cryptocurrency is now your cup of tea! Coinbase is a cryptocurrency exchange founded by Brian Armstrong and Fred Ersham. Its base is in San Francisco, California. Trading on Coinbase has its advantages. It stores the majority of its digital assets in secure offline storage; the cryptocurrency …

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Ethereum’s Synthetic Asset lost 37 million due to Oracle Attack


The second-ranked cryptocurrency in the crypto market, Ethereum platform of Synthetic Asset issuance has lost $37 million of Synthetic ETH (sETH)n because of an oracle attack. This news was reported by ‘The Block’ and the report has also stated that it is unable to calculate the actual amount of the …

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