Reddit used by GameStop to Pump the Price

How did Reddit users Increase the stock price of GameStop?
  • In the platform of Reddit, retail stock traders are found boosting the stock price of GameStop
  • The members of r/wallstreetbets have created a snowballing momentum trade with the help of memes
  • The unconventional stock rally is indicating that the institutions are losing some of their controls
  • The industry is afraid of underestimating the Redditors

Reddit forum r/wallstreetbets is observed growing exponentially last year, similar to Bitcoin and Tesla. Earlier this month, the internet figured out how tremendous the forum is becoming, as last year, the subscriber counts of the subreddits pumped by 133% to 1.8 million users. Since the beginning of this year, it was observed that the forum’s number of subscribers has increased to 2.2 million, driving one of Reddit’s most active forums. 

For three weeks, the forum members were bidding up the video game retailer GameStop, though the result was magnificent. The shares’ price has been observed skyrocketing by more than 1,200% since Wall Street Bets first piled. However, their bullishness is significantly forcing out short-traders with billions of dollars in losses. Bears have even stopped to comment regarding the GameStop shares.

Reddit communities gave birth to snowballing trade

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As the users already know, Reddit promotes itself as the front page of the internet by hosting various communities. Such communities range from r/worldnews to r/babyelephantgifts. Posts and comments on the social platform are public, and the posts receiving most of the votes get featured. 

In the r/wallstreetbets, the subscribers create mockery out of risky trading behavior by gambling with outsize gains and losses. Some posts attract so many votes that they are elevated to r/popular, which flaunts the day’s posts with the most interaction. Many users, familiar and unfamiliar with the Wall Street Bets, have been exposed to the forum’s exuberance and high reward behavior following the graced posts. 

Following the scenario, Richard Smith, the CEO of the Foundation of the Study of Cycles, commented that GameStop’s shares were absolutely a momentum trade, which is being operated in a compressed time frame. Indeed, such trade means that the bulls are continuing to pile into a proven winner.

The community is fueling the sentimental human cycle

According to Smith, the scene is of a human emotional cycle, as now the community has more people at home, spending more time on their devices. But it’s clear that the entire system is fueling the acceleration of the emotional cycles. For individuals pursuing internet infamy, there are financial gains. On the platform of Reddit, users can award posts and comments with various virtual medals by using real-world currency. A few dollars can be pulled out from the platform just by sneering memes. Surfing on the platform, it is found that the most popular r/wallstreetbets post of the week has gained near an alleged 992% of return on GameStopoptions. According to an estimation of Reddit point’s real value, the post had received $765 worth of rewards.

Media-driven platforms are out of institutional control

Following the structure of Reddit and democratic, it is observed that the institutions are losing some control. However, the media isn’t controlled by the institutions in the way it has previously. Reddit users’ algorithms picking the most famous content is different from Wall Street’s research and analysis reports. Despite this, both generate trading ideas that are multiplying across the market. And it indicates that the institutions are losing some of their control over the market. 

Many community members publicized the video game retailers trade as a sure shot way to create quick gains. They have largely been right, as long as the bullish faith is being kept. The faith helped the share to continue gaining more than 300% in a week. The rally bulls seem to be caused by posing the trade as an anti-establishment movement. The Redditor’s proclaimed that, with no fee trading platforms and enough allies, they could beat the funds that have dominated Wall Street.

The Redditors have something to prove

The members of the community have shaken the industry that underestimates Redditor’s influence. There is something that the members want to prove. Following a recent publication of the Wall Street Journal, it is found that Citadel and Point72 Asset Management lost a rough amount of 30% on its GameStop option. Now, they will invest $2.75 billion in the hedge fund Melvin Capital. Following the aforementioned news, Smith commented that when someone can feel like a rebel against the establishment, that’s a powerful sentiment. And it is a part of what is contributing to this gaining event.

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