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Save The Kids Cryptocurrency Scam is whole lot messier than everyone thought

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This topic’s still pretty fresh among the cryptocurrency community, but do you remember the token dubbed “Save The Kids” where it got promoted by popular content creators especially FaZe Clan members? Someone dug deeper into this recent crypto/influencer scam and it looks like it’s a whole lot messier than everyone thought it already is.

The YouTuber known as Coffeezilla made a video about this recent crypto pump-and-dump where he exposed how shady this thing is. He made another one about it a few days ago and if his findings are anything to go by, it looks like one of the Save the Kids coin’s endorsers – FaZe Kay could be very much aware of the scam which is contrary to what he stated in his apology tweet. 

In his video, Coffeezilla highlighted how the FaZe Clan member may have sold these coins with malicious intent when its prices began plummeting. Looking into Kay’s crypto wallet, he noticed that the influencer dumped almost the entirety of his $KIDS tokens immediately. Within just 24 hours Kay’s wallet went from 6.2 billion of these tokens down to just four.

FaZe Kay’s M.O.

Backtracking further on FaZe Kay’s wallet, it may well seem that he has this penchant for promoting initial coin offerings and would, later on, sell them off as quickly as possible. These modus operandiof his was seen on tokens such as Gamesafe, SafeGalaxyand Moonportal. The YouTuber went on to say that it is “a pattern of deceiving his (FaZe Kay) fans, pumping something and selling it to his fans so he gets the best price.”

Coffeezilla also noticed that something’s not right as to how this Save the Kids was launched. That said, he reached out to the coin’s developer who he said on his video the only one that stuck to the project even after the fallout. 

At first, it seems that the dev, who goes by the name Lucas was eager to give a helping hand. As they went on, the dev suspected foul play adding that it was bigger than one crypto coin. According to Lucas’ theory, there’s a “group of large money names” that are going around finding dev teams and promoters and later on set up a “large hyped launch,” then dipping initially.

When asked as to who the founders of this token are, the developer can’t disclose such information. The only names that he gave were a certain “Manny” and “H.”

Their conversation was put on a halt when Lucas declined to answer further questions as this was advised to him by his lawyers.

Save The Kids’ anti-whale last-minute change before launch

Then there was this Telegram message that Coffee received from someone in the project pointing out that the developer – Lucas was ordered by Save the Kids owners to modify the project’s anti-whale system from 24 hours down to just a minute. The anonymous individual added that the intent of dumping everyone is 100 percent there.

Digging deeper into this, Coffee discovered that the developer had made several test coins before the actual coin got introduced to the market. In particular, he compared the contracts of both the actual Save the Kids token to the one dubbed “Save The Kids test 2.” From there, Coffee confirmed what the anonymous project insider told him about the coin’s anti-whale system tweak. 

What Coffeezilla stumbled upon here prompted him to confront Lucas through a Discord call. As for the developer’s defense, he said that it’s something that he was told to do. The dev went on to assume that the influencers involved in this cryptocurrency scam were in it from the get-go.

Other content creators

Further, into the call, Lucas mentioned a certain “Fortnite” player who goes by the handle smeef and another YouTuber known as Joel Morris who is said to be the creator of XCAD token. Just like FaZe Kay, this Morris fellow also dumped his $KIDS coins as humanly quickly as possible. Clearly, he took advantage of the altered anti-whale.

Another content creator – Sam Pepper was also dragged into this. According to Coffee, Pepper was the one promoting the project over on Reddit and creating the mod team as he was told as much by the mods themselves. One of the mods even revealed that Pepper handled the presale of the coins. When asked as to who Manny is, Pepper gave a dead end of an answer.

As for the influencers who promoted this Save the Kids coin, they could pretty much end up behind bars if the proper authorities pursue an investigation on this. Meanwhile FaZe Kay has been kicked out from the e-Sport org while his fellow members, Teeqo, Nikan, and his younger brother FaZe Jarvis were slapped with suspensions.

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